Chapter Two: Memories

Jamie had a death grip on the steering wheel as he inched along the busy street.  He honked his horn but that got him nowhere.  All that got him was people craning their necks out of their windows screaming obscenities at him.  So, he stopped.  He just stopped gripping the steering wheel, honking his horn, and listening to the people around him.  He stopped and let everything get quiet and let his mind run its course.  He did this sometimes in frustrating situations.  He just followed whatever path his mind took and found this to be genuinely calming.  He began, as he often did, to think about Allie.  It was going to be their ten-year anniversary in a week and if he didn’t get to the airport soon, then he wasn’t going to get their tickets to London.  He couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when she found them.  Being a European history major, she had always wanted to go.  He remembered that and had been saving up all those years just so he could take her on a week-long stay in London.  He smiled at the thought of it.  Just he and her, together in a place she’d dreamed of going to since she was a little girl.  She was going to love it and they were going to have the greatest adventure yet.

Suddenly, he heard the driver in the car behind him honk its horn, jolting him back into reality, his thoughts splayed everywhere.  He shook his head, still disoriented, and shifted back into drive and began to roll forward at a steady pace.  Traffic was moving along smoothly now, and when he got farther down the street, he saw why.  There had been a wreck.  Traffic had been stopped until authorities could arrive at the scene and get everything taken care of.  He looked at the man with the orange vest on.  He shivered, obviously freezing cold out in the snow.  Jamie felt sorry for him.  He was working as hard as he could for so little pay, while all Jamie had to do was sit in an office, order people around, and go to meetings at which he explained various charts and graphs.  Sometimes the world worked in strange ways, but who was he to question it?  So he just drove on past the stranger.

He watched the minuscule snowflakes fall onto his windshield, only to be whisked onto the asphalt by the wipers.  It made him remember something that had scarred their family of two for life.

When they were in the early stages of their marriage, they decided that they wanted a child.  Everything was fine and dandy; they had no trouble getting pregnant, or so they thought.  They were so excited to know that they were going to have a little one soon.  Then, before they knew it, the doctor was telling them that the baby was lost, and that he was sorry.  There had been a miscarriage.  It had devastated them.  They were both so scarred from it, particularly Allie, that they hadn’t ever tried to have children again.  Like the snowflake, the child’s life was very short.  It came into existence for a short while, and then it was gone.  Gone.  Wiped from the world, just like that.

Jamie shuddered.  The memory horrified him.  They had even had the nursery ready for their baby.  It was yellow.  The theme was the sun.  There was a huge window on each wall to let in an abundance of natural light.  The crib was just tall enough so that Isabelle (or Jonathan, depending on the sex), wouldn’t fall.  They already loved this child so much, and it was taken away from them.  That truly challenged their faith, but they prayed like they had never prayed before and God had pulled them through. They survived. And isn’t that what life is all about? All life is about survival...and although they didn’t want to and it was hard, they did. They had made it over one more obstacle.

The End

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