The Ballad of Jamie and Allie

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Jamie and Allie sat on the old worn-out couch in their apartment watching t.v., as they did every night before bed.  Of course, they did this out of habit.  It had started out as a fun thing they did to bond and have fun together; then it became robotic.  They would watch one show for a few minutes and click through other channels when that show changed to commercials.  After about an hour or so of this, they changed into pajamas and got into bed, going to sleep straight away.  It was mechanical, like clockwork.  They never had fun anymore.  They never laughed or played.  They didn’t fight, for that matter.  They spoke, sure, but it was out of necessity.  Nothing showed on the outside.  But oh, on the inside, it was turbulent.  Both longed for the old days, when their love was strong and real, not weak and forced.  What died, they never knew.  They knew that the stress from their jobs and simply life in general had taken a heavy toll on their relationship, but they didn’t know how in the world to fix it.  They wanted to be in love again, but both were too scared to admit that they were having problems to one another.

Jamie looked at Allie.  She was his wife.  They were both fresh out of college, still so young, but he loved her.  He knew that the first moment he saw her, and that’s when he began to believe in love at first sight.  She had played hard-to-get, but he got her in the end.  For that, he thanked God.  He loved her so much and considered himself blessed to have her, despite their relationship rut.  He wanted that to be gone, though.  He missed the days of living- truly living- together, as one.  They never truly talked anymore, and that hurt.  She felt him looking at her, and stared back.  His eyes showed his thoughtfulness, and she could guess what he was thinking about; she was doing the same thing.  She despised the distance between them.  It prevented them from connecting, from having fun, from being the same two nerds in love that they were nearly four years ago, when they met. She missed joking and having fun and talking about life and the future.

She took his hand and squeezed it.  She wanted Jamie to know that she was there, that she still loved him, that nothing had changed.  He looked at her again and let a tiny smile escape from one corner of his mouth.  He wanted to that for so long.  He grabbed the remote and turned off the t.v.  “We need to talk.”  He rubbed her soft hand with his thumb.

She nodded.  “I know.”

“You know I love you, right?  Nothing ever changed...”

“I know, honey, I know.  I think it was life that got in the way.  Your job, mine, finances...we just let the stupid things get in the way.”  She scooted closer to him and laid her head on his shoulder, still gripping his hand tightly.

“I agree.  We shouldn’t do that anymore...I want to go back to the way we were.  When every day was a new adventure and we were just as in love as we were back in college.”  He held her close as they sat there in the silence of the night, listening to the wind howl outside and watched the lights flicker every once in a while.  There was something about that night that was special.  Something about that night seemed to solidify the vows they took the day they got married.  They were both glad to have it over with.  They didn’t know why they were so scared of talking about it in the first place.  All couples have their differences, their ups and’s all part of the roller coaster of the life they share.

The End

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