The Balconey- Lived Here Forever

This beach trip was turning out to be the worst. I didn’t care that we owned this half of the beachfront house with a balconey facing the water. My parents were yelling at me again for being imperfect. Then I had finally snapped and yelled back, running out to the balconey to stare at the ocean. This was the only thing that could calm me: the ocean. I huffed and shoved my dark brown hair out of my face in frustration.

“Wow! I’ve never heard a blowout like that before?” Someone said. I jumped, thinking I was alone, before turning towards the voice. It apparently belonged to a guy around my age with long dark aurburn hair standing on the deck next door. He turned to face me, his bangs slightly falling in front of his eyes, and continued, “Well I have. My parents freaked when I got the lip ring.” That was when I first noticed the barely noticeable piercing on his lip. “And…and you are?” I finally asked.

“Brent. And I’ve kinda lived here for…forever. You’ve just never noticed.” Oh my God, how could I not have noticed him before? He was gorgeous. I stared into his bright green eyes, only for him to turn away and seem to read my mind by saying, “Well, my parents say that we hung out a lot when we were little. That is, until your parents though I was a bad influence and padlocked the door that connects the two houses.”
“And why is it that you were considered ‘bad’?”
“I was too much fun. I climbed trees, surfed, sailed, sat on the roof, scubaed all by the age of five. They didn’t appreicate my fun lifestyle.”
“My parents for you,” I rolled my eyes dismissively. We sat in silence until I heard my mom call me in for dinner. I said good-bye to Brent and practically ran down to steps, hungry as I was.And he smiled slightly.

The End

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