The Balconey- ForeverMature

After about a half an hour I heard footsteps followed by the door opening, “Jamie?” Brent whispered, “You still here?”

I closed my eyes slowly and hoarsly answered, “Yes. And-I’m sorry for how I’m acting. Just how-how nice and kind your mom is-and mine-” Brent crossed the room to his bed in three strides, “No no no Jamie, don’t apologize. Mom completly understood,” Brent joined me in his bed, wrapping his arms around me, “Don’t ever apologize for something like that”

“It’s just…she tells me things that my mother never said to me and then I meet your mom and she acts like she’s known me her whole life.” I shook my head in disbelief. It was silent for a bit

“Jamie…you should probably head back-”

“No!” I cried, turning around and burrowing closer to Brent’s chest, “I don’t want to go back. I fear for what’s there.” my words were muffled by Brent’s shirt.

He hesitated, then sighed and stroked my hair, “Very well then.”

At that time I felt so safe that I fell asleep soundly in Brent’s arms.

My eyes flashed open and began taking in my surroundings. I groaned, discovering I was back in my own room. Brent must have carried me over in the middle of the night. I sighed affectionally at the very thought of him. That thought was dashed immediately when my bedroom door slammed open, “So I hope you learned your lesson last night. Now get your ass up.” A thought flashed through my mind. Today was Saturday, Dad should be home; aka saving me from Mother. I turned in my bed to face her, “Where’s Dad?”

Mother sneered, “I told him to go fishing. After all, I’m not done with your punishment.”

“What else can you do to me?” I asked with a little too much attitude. Mother slapped me across the face, “Watch your tone.” The sting finally came and I covered the mark with my hand, eyes tearing up from the pain. Mother smiled, satisfied with herself, before continuing, “Now while I go down to the police station you are going to stay locked up in here.”

I gave her a confused look, “Wait why are you going there?

She smiled, almost evilly, “To file a kidnap report. Good-bye.” She ran to the door and I ran after her…but was too slow, “He didn’t kidnap me! For God’s sake!” I banged on my door, but it was useless; she was gone.

So I took a different route. I ran out to the balconey and jumped over the railing to Brent’s, banging on his door, “Brent!”

He slowly yet surely got out of bed and began towards the door. I tried to displace the fact he was shirtless. He opened the door while yawning and rubbing his eyes, “It’s a little early isn’t it Jamie?” Brent stopped rubbing his eyes to take in my features, eyes stopping on the red welt on my countenance, “Jamie,” He gently touched my cheek and I winced, “Did she do this to you?”

I ripped his hand off my cheek but kept hold of it, “That’s the point Brent. My mother is going to the station saying that you kidnapped me.”

Brent chuckled slightly to himself, “And what am I to do?”

I bit my lip as I thought, “We could go away…together.”

“As great as that sounds Jamie, it’ll kind of make me look more guilty now wouldn’t it?”

“I guess so. I just don’t want you getting hurt.”

“The same is meant to me,” He lightly touched the welt of mine with his fingertips, “But it looks like I fail in that category.”

I placed my hand on top of his, “Never have you failed at that.”

His smile was filled with melancholy, “I disagree.”

The sound of sirens then resonated, “I think you better go.”

“Okay, but I’m going to be sitting right here.” I pointed to my own balconey, “I want to see what happens.”



The End

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