The Balconey- Safe for NowMature

I laid for what seemed like hours on my bedroom floor cowering. Was Mother planning on returning? I unlocked the doors to the balconey for Brent awhile ago, but he hasn’t come yet.
Finally though, I heard his voice, “Oh my God Jamie!” He almost threw the door off its track as he opened it. He took me into his arms, “What-what happened to you?” He asked as he cradled my tear-stained cheek. “My mother,” I hoarsly answered, “I wouldn’t tell her where I was. Then she was making fun of you and I could not take that without fighting.”
“You never told me about her hurting you phyiscally.”
“Never came up in topic.” I smiled weakly, trying to brighten the mood. Brent smiled back then stood up, carrying me in his arms, “C’mon”
“Where are we going?”
“To my house. From my guess your mother has not fed you, so I think my mom can handle another mouth.” He grinned, “As long as you don’t have a lip ring as well. Did you know she was actually really mad when she saw mine.”
Brent continued as he carried me to his house.

Brent carefully carried me into his bedroom and down the stairs of his house, “Mom! We’ve got company,”

“Oh do you? Who is it?” Once Brent reached the bottom of the stairs he let me stand, keeping his one arm around my waist to help support me. A kindly plump woman came through a doorway, with wavy red hair, “Oh is that Jamie from next door? Oh dearie I haven’t seen you in years!” Brent’s mom rushed over and gave me a hug…only to stop and take in my full picture, “Oh dear Brent she looks like a sick lost puppy. What have you done to her?”

“Mom! She needs some food.” Brent gave her a slight gare…as if he was telling her to tone the niceness down a bit. I didn’t care though. I already loved his mother.

“I hope you aren’t one of those vegetarians. We’re having steak tonight dear.”

“That sounds great.” I finally managed to speak. I gave Brent a slight smile as he gave me a reassuring pat on the back, then leading me into his kitchen.

I sat in a seat while Brent helped his mother finish making dinner. I volunteered to help, but Brent said no, how I just need to relax. “Oh and your dad called me saying he has to work late tonight. So it’ll just be the three of us tonight.” Brent’s mom spoke to him as she placed three plates on the table, one in front of me. “My God Jamie it looks like they don’t feed ya back home.”

I looked down at my lap from her words. In the back of my mind I faintly noticed the woman’s faint Irish accent, but that wasn’t important, “Barely,” I mumured, “My mom wants to keep my thin.”

“Well there always comes a time when one is too thin, and dearie you reached that point years ago. So tonight I’m gonna put some meat on those bones of yours.”

Brent took a seat beside me and took hold of my hand, squeezing it to give me support. He leaned in close and whispered, “Now time for you to tell your life story to my mom…her being nosy like that. You can leave out any details you want.”

“So Jamie, how’s life doing for ya since we last saw you?” Brent’s mom took a bite of steak as I answered, “Fine.”

“I see your mother has finally let you out of the house. Of course, I wouldn’t blame her, when one has a pretty face such as yourself.” I stared at her in disbelief for a moment before shaking my head, “No. I’m not pretty.”

“Whatever are ye talking about? You got pretty skin, high cheekbones, and gorgeous colored eyes. Like, are they light amber….or honey….I can’t think of it.” I began blushing from all the praise I was getting. “But…” Brent’s mother began adding, “But those eyes seem to be filled with such sorrow and sleepless nights. Whatever could sadden the bright soul I knew years ago?”

I was left speechless with this statement, “I-I-well-you see-uhm-Excuse me.” And I rushed up their stairs as my tears that I held in finally poured out. I ran back into what I guessed was Brent’s bedroom and flopped on his bed, crying into the pillow while inhaling his scent at the same time.

The End

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