The Balconey- Help MeMature

I was awoked by the sound of the sails being brought down. I sat up to see we were back on the beach. I groaned loud enough for Brent to hear, “Hey! You’re awake now. You should probably head back to your house awhile Jamie.” I gave him a weak smile before finally listening to him and facing my fear.

“Where the hell were you?!” My mother shrieked, “I looked in your room to find you gone. Did that boy kidnap you?”

I decided to play it stupid, “What boy?”

Then she slapped me, hard, “You know damn well what boy,” She grabbed my head in her hand and dragged me to the balconey to point at Brent finishing with his boat, “That boy,” she hissed, “Did he kidnap you?”

“No,” I stated definatly. Mother pulled my hair back, making me gasp in pain, “Don’t try to protect him just for his pretty face, he’s nothing but a bad seed. Worthless.” I felt my anger rise from her calling Brent worthless.

To make matters worse she continued, “Futureless…useless…Makes me sick for oxygen to be wasted on-”

“SHUT UP!” I finally screamed, “Shutupshutupshutup.”

Then Mother gave me the glare. The glare that kept me up at night. The glare that made me wish Dad didn’t work late nights. The glare. “What?” She began.


“Did you just talk back to me?”


“Answer. The. Damn. Question. Jameson.”

“Yes,” I squeaked. My mother then, calmly, grabbed a handful of my hair. She then threw me to the ground, only she didn’t let go of her grip. So a big handful of my hair was ripped out. Mother dropped it on the ground beside where I fell, walked out the door, locking it from the outside.

I slowly crawled to the door leading to the balconey, sobbing quietly while holding that handful of my hair.

“Brent…” I quietly whispered, “Help me. I hurt.”

The End

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