The Balconey- What Can I Say, I Love SailboatsMature

After an hour or so we were soaring on top of the waves of the ocean. I stood in the very front, closing my eyes to enjoy the warm breeze flying through my hair. I loved the ocean, almost as much as I loved…

“You having fun up there Jamie?” Brent cried. He was towards the stern of the boat. I felt my face heat up with embarressment. I watched at his made his way towards the front where I stood, “If you like the air so much you can sit up there.” And Brent pointed towards the one sail, where on the top a crow’s nest sort of thing sat. My eyes lit up at the sight of it, “I can go up there?”

“Sure.” He barely finished the word for me to begin rushing up the rope ladder that led towards the crow’s nest.

The sight all the way up there was breathtaking. I was able to see for miles along the ocean. And the wind was strong enough to knock the air out of me, but I loved it all the same.

“You like it?” I was slightly surprised to see Brent sitting right beside me, his close proximity making me unable to breath. The sun shone on his natural red hair beautifully. I managed to tear my eyes away from him to say, “Like it? I love it. It’s completely-”

“Breathtaking? I know.” It was silent for a bit as we took in the beauty. I resisted turning to look at him for a long time…well it was really only around 2 minutes until I turned to take in his beauty. His green eyes shone with complete joy; he loved his boat as much as I loved mine. Then a random though came to mind, “Brent,” I breathed, “Why did you start talking to me anyway?”

This left him speechless for a second, “I think it was your eyes. They’re filled with such kindness that they just…drew me in.” My jaw dropped, but Brent wasn’t finished yet.

The End

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