The Balconey- Astronomy of a BoyMature

The plus side to this house was how I got the room connected to the balconey. My mother wasn’t one for ocean air so they gave the room to me. I opened the doors and walked into the breeze. I sat down and began reading my one book. It was silent in the night until I heard, “So what are you reading?”

My eyes shot up from my nook, desperatly searching for those beautiful green eyes. “I’m up here.” I looked up to see Brent sitting on our roof. “How the hell did you get up there?”

“I actually taught you how, try to remember.” He vaguely answered. I looked around the balconey until my eyes settled on a decent sized tree that easily reached the roof. I walked over to inspect the tree: it was the perfect climbing tree. I smiled and began climbing up, soon grabbing hold of the roof and pulling myself up.

Brent was there, looking through a telescope. He looked away for one moment to give me a slight wave before turning back.

I stared at him for a moment before asking, “And you’ve been into astrology since?”

“Seriously? Have your parents brainwashed you or something? I do this every night. Once I fell a bit and you flew outside wondering what was on your roof. I laughed.” Brent patted a spot next to him and I gladly accepted. I kept quiet while he continued looking at the sky. That was when I realized something, “I never told you my name.”

“Jameson,” He simply stated, never turning. My mouth gaped at his knowledge. “I don’t stalk you. Your parents just yell it a lot.”

“Oh well friends call me Jamie,” I was quiet for a bit until I asked, “What are you looking for anyway?” Brent faced me and shrugged, “Nothing in particular. Just…whatever.” He moved his lip ring around with his tongue for a bit before turning back to the telescope. I sat next to him as he concentrated, trying to rememeber every feature of his. “There’s Saturn,” He randomly stated.

That was when I heard my mother, “Jameson, where are you?! If you left this house so help me…”

“Damn, I better go.”

“Have fun…wait nevermind,” He stated as I climbed down the tree.

I was just brushing myself off when I heard, “Where were you?” I froze. Did she see me climbing down from the tree? I decided to play is safe, “I was standing.”

“And I heard you talking too,” She mentioned suspiciously. I nervously gulped before lying, “I was talking to this tree. I-I do that a lot when I need to think.” I winced, knowing I was stuttering, which I do when I’m nervous. Mother looked at me strangely for a second before muttering about her strange child. On the roof I heard Brent laughing at me.

The End

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