The balance

a story that came to me while reading the hideout

And out of the explosion he walked, wrapped in fire with blades in his hands, for he was the one and the one was the light.

He smiled and fell. With his falling the light spilled out and formed a small shape and flew across the crowd, to a person that would not have the same life again, or possibly the same powers, for this was the erkshen, the land of magic and improbabilities.

            The child that had been hit fell, and one by one so did they all. And from the shadows strode a man, so dark that he sucked all life in. He waked to the boy and touched the pendant he now wore he said eleven words that would change the world and the Childs life. “Let the darkness become the light, and let the earth awaken”. With those words he fused with the pendant making the ying yang symbol, the symbol for balance, and how fragile that could be.

The End

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