The Babysitter

The Babysitter agrees to watch a hyper active ten year old on Valentines Day

The Babysitter agrees to watch the five year old and eight year old next door as well

The Babysitter agrees to watch the kids next door at the ten year olds house 

The Babysitter watches the ten year old while she shows the other kids the cake she won at the Valentines draw

The Babysitter lets the kids lick the icing off the box while she feeds the families two large dogs and five parakeets 

The Babysitter watches in horror as the five year old knocks the cake onto the floor with one swift nudge

The Babysitter ushers the dogs out of the room a split second as the kids stand stunned looking down at the now perfectly upside-down cake now glued to the tile

The Babysitter runs back to the scene of the accident just as the moment of shock ends and the ten year old lets out a scream of agony and fury at the loss of her prize 

The Babysitter scoops up the tiny, now balling five year old and pulls the seven year old out of harms way while the ten year olds anger is unleashed and she starts to scream furious insults through tears

The Babysitter covers the five year olds ears as the ten year old screams out 'you f*cking wrecked my cake' 

The Babysitter holds onto the crying five year old while pulling his sister away from the cake and listening to the ten year old smash things in the living room 

The Babysitter stands in the living room doorway holding the five year old out of view trying to get the ten year old to stop breaking things while keeping the other kids safe 

The Babysitter makes sure that the the ten year old is calmed down enough to stop smashing things before calling the five year olds mom, having been unable to calm down the hysterical child 

The Babysitter dresses the five year old in full winter attire while telling him soothingly that what happened wasn't his fault and it's ok over top of the ten year old's screaming

The Babysitter gives the still balling five year old back to his mother while thinking of ways to salvage that cake

The Babysitter devises a plan to scrape the cake off the floor in one piece and onto a plate, then cut the top two clean inches off of it, leaving the remaining half inch for waste. 

The Babysitter executes the plan perfectly on her hands and knees over the course of the next half hour with the assistance of the seven year old while the ten year old remains uncontrollable 

The Babysitter spends the following twenty minutes making sure that there is no more chocolate fudge extra thick icing on the floor while blocking out the crying ten year old yelling at her and entertaining the seven year old

The Babysitter finishes cleaning up the kitchen just as the mother comes home and the ten year old resumes hysterical crying 

The Babysitter gets blamed for everything and made to clean the rest of the kitchen and stand outside in the dark in the middle of february scraping out the compost and then is told in a none to pleasant manner that she has to be there two days later 

The Babysitter is not payed 

The End

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