Bed and Breakfast off of pillow and blanket

You see we are operating a bed and breakfast. Yes, Yes, I know teh neighbors down the street are too. But they are not operating it for our clientelle. You see we have an exclusive cleintelle, they only come out while you sleep.
They hate light, abborugh light.

"Welcome.  Welcome." I say as I open the door for my first set of customers. 

They look appreciativity at me, as I do them. "I promise, you will rest here very easily?",

"Bride and a groom?" I suggest as I see a woman dressed as bride, and the male figure the groom.

Of course sir. You desire a kingside sized bed, a bottle of champange to go along with it and some delicatises from the gourmet table. of course," I suggest as I snap my fingers, Leona comes and ushers tehm up to their room.

"I pipe in some romantic music for them to listen too. I smile, the sonnet should have them laying back sleeping, after the joy of doing with newly weds do first.

My dining party hears their soft rhythm of their heart and their lungs doing like wise slowly beating as they fall asleep. The dining party knows when to get up there, the youth wearing bibs to not mess their clothing. The adults, acquiring their utensils to commence eating after saying their prayers.

The couple lay entwined.  They slip through the base boards to get there.  They ring the bell. To say awaken us, before they awaken. I check out when they wish to be awakened, send up the night porter to tell them it is done.

They commence eating their breakfast.

In the morning the couple awakens, They feel itchy, and as if they did not get a good enough sleep.  I tell tehm, their payment is over, what it should be. I cut it in half. To allow them to remember their stay here.

The diners come down stairs pay their bill, the diners know, they will be fed again. As do I know, I will be paid.  

No one of the people stays for the breakfast I wonder why?  Do you?"

I run a Band B. TRue, I do not ell my true cleintelle, that they are the breakfast. If they occupy the bed. We make a good deal of bread for the Breakfast eaters never decline, but those who take the beds do. It is simply easier to fed them their breakfast than it is to prepare it for you.

The End

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