The Final Goodbye.Mature

Sebastian jolted awake as if someone had shot electricity through him. He could feel his heart pumping strongly and warmth seep back into his body.
He was alive...
He open his eyes and saw Thane kneeling over him. Sebastian watched in horror as his skin turned grey, then slowly started to flake away until only a cloud of dust remained. The dust floted to the ground like snow and formed a small pile next to Sebastian's midriff.
"Thane?" He asked outloud as he sat up and hovered his hand over the dust.
"He's gone."A female voice said from behind him. Sebastian turned to see Thane's mother walking over to him. She reached her hand out and touched it to Sebastian's forehead.
Images of Thane in a circle of candles, his father be-heading a woman and wings sprouting from Thane's back played inside his mind, then one by one they all vanished as if they were never there.
Sebastian's limbs grew heavy with exhaustian. His fluttered shut as he fell backwards and slumbered.

                                                                   *      *     * 
Sebastian felt warmth on his face. It felt nice; pure.
He cracked his eyes open and saw the warmth was coming from the suns rays as it basked him within it's golden glow. He felt light, lighter than normal.
He didn't know why.

He shrugged and got out of bed and went to shower. He came out and got dressed in a black suit, with shined black shoes and white tie. Satisfied he looked alright, he went downstairs for breakfast.
"Morning." Cole said from the kitchen table. Sebastian smiled at him and moved over to the fridge for something to eat.
"Are you coming to scatter the ashes?" Sebastian asked Cole as he closed the fridge and faced him.
Cole shrugged. "if you want me to, but I didn't even know the guy." Cole said. Sebastian sighed.

"Can you just come to support me?" He asked him softly. Cole lookeed at him seriously. His eyes looking deep in Sebastian's and touching the place where the hurt and the sorrow resided.
He nodded and went back upstairs to get dressed. Sebastian let out a shuddering sigh and waited.

They arrived at the cliff face at noon. A small group of people were gathered there, some he remembered from the pub and others he didn't know at all. Thane's mother stood away from the group, frowning down at the picture of Thane and where his urn sat. Sebastian strode over to her and looked down at the picture. Sorrow tugged at his heart, it was so raw that it made his knees weak. Thane's mother didn't say anything, and niether did Sebastian. They didn't need to.

A pastor strode up and cleared his throat. The soft murmurs died down as the clouds rolled overhead and the pastor geastured for everyone to gather around.
"We're here to scatter the ashes of the beloved Thane." The pastor said in a solemn tone.
Sebastian blocked him out and stared out at the sea that stretched for miles. The water glistened in what little light the sun produced through the thick clouds.
All Sebastian knew that Thane had died of a heart failure. It was simple, yet tragic. It was the kind of death everyone expects, after all, when you die your heart stops...everything just stops. There's nothing more to it. But how abrupt Thane's death was still shook Sebastian to the core. He was still getting to know Thane when suddenly he died.
Sebastian sighed and leaned into Cole.
Cole wrapped his arm around his lower back and let Sebastian know that he wasn't going anywhere, he was there for him.

"And now time for the final good-bye." The pastor said as he picked up Thane's urn and held it out to his mother. She shook her head and strode away.
Sebastian pulled away from Cole and took the urn from the pastor and took the lid off. He walked up to the cliff face and closed his eyes.
"Be at peace Thane." He whispered as he tipped the urn and his ashes floated away. A sudden gust of wind came and lifted the ashes skyward as they swirled and slowly faded from sight.

Sebastian watched them fade with a tight throat and tears rolling down his face.
In the short while he had known Thane he had grown to love him, now his love had nowhere to go but wither and eventually die with Sebastian when his time came.
"I will see you in the afterlife."He whispered softly.
He wished he could say that he felt Thane's soul there, to comfort and guide him. But there was nothing.

Thane was gone. Sebastian true love was...gone. A small slither of peace filled Sebastian as he turned and started walking back to his car. Things happened for a reason, maybe Thane was destined to die, maybe it was fate that Sebastian had met him and fallen in love.

A new found sense of bitter hope filled Sebastian, things may end and hearts stopped beating, but he was still alive, and he had every intention of making use of that. How? He wasn't sure. But he knew it may have begun with Thane, but it didn't end there.
Sebastian's new beginning had just arrived.
It was time to start over.
He looked up at the sky and smiled.
"Be at peace my dear Thane." He whispered again, but this time with a smile.

The End

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