The God of Death is The Bringer of LifeMature

The only thing that Thane felt as he watched the odd looking sword cut through Sebastian, like a hot knife through butter, was pure undiluted hatred and rage. He didn’t feel the pain, but only a small tugging at his back, as huge arm-length wings that were the colour of night sprouted from his back. He didn’t feel the freezing cold as his body started to turn dark red, looking as if he were covered in blood. This was Thane’s true form, his God form, he had become a monster, he became something that didn’t belong to the human world and Thane realised that as he stepped out of the trap. The candles and the spell used against him did nothing anymore once he was in his true form, once he truly became the God of Death, there was nothing left of Thane or Dante in him, he only knew himself as the God of Death and he would rather die than see Alexander Philippe become a God.

“Yes! That’s what I want, I want to be like that I want to be like you!” Alexander shouted laughing manically, but Thane could hear it underneath the manic laughter, Alexander was terrified of death and of the underworld.

Thane was silent, there was no need for needless chatter, as he produced his ice blue sword from thin air and held it in front of his face, walking slowly towards Alexander like a demented statue come to life. If Sebastian was conscious to see this, the very sight of Thane would scar him.

Alexander’s manic grin faltered as he began to back away from the advancing God of Death, his light grey eyes swivelling around the room trying to find a way out. But there was none, the room was now nothing more than four black walls, cold to touch and heaving with shadows that clawed at Alexander and tried to drag him in them.

“Did you know that Gabriel is in the Netherworld?” Alexander asked his manic grin returning as Thane faltered at the name, but it was only for a moment, before Thane started his advancement again.

“Don’t you find it strange that you had, apparently, killed him with an ordinary knife and not with one of those blue blades?” Alexander now was visibly shaking with fear, his body only just a few feet away from the vicinity of the shadows claws. If Alexander tripped backwards, the shadows would have him instantly.

However, Thane stopped walking then his mind remembering every detail of that night. But Thane was sure it was just an ordinary knife, he remembered every detail so vividly that it was strange to even conceive the idea that the weapon that killed Gabriel wasn’t a knife at all, but the blue blade, the one that Thane was holding at this very moment.

“Yes, yes you’re starting to remember aren’t you?” Alexander nodded enthusiastically, “Gabriel wanted to die, he knew that you loved him, so he used you to kill him, to save him for immortality and become human in his next life. Did you know that? A God has two souls, one that is immortal, the God soul, and one that is mortal, the human soul. Once a God dies their immortal soul goes to the Netherworld, then their mortal soul is left and in their next life a God becomes a human. Hell, you would have met Gabriel thousands of times by now.”

Some small part of Thane cried out at the news, that Gabriel had used him to become mortal. It had nothing to do with protecting the woman; Gabriel stepped in front of her so he could have a chance at a mortal life, to be human. But the other part of Thane, the majority of him, was still that of the God of Death, nothing of that sort of trivia was of use to him now, all that mattered was getting Alexander Philippe, the demon of the netherworld back in the netherworld.

“I send you, Alexander Philippe…” Thane started.

“No! No! Not this, not again! I will not be sent back there, I will not be sent back there!” Alexander shouted, his eyes were wild with fear and he brandished his sword in front of Thane, waving it around dangerously.

“Back to the Netherworld…” The sword started to brighten and turn red, it remembered Alexander’s blood and at that Alexander doubled over in pain. The undead, like Alexander Philippe, would only feel real pain if their blood or bones were presented to them. This was the only way to kill a demon of the Netherworld.

“I made this sword from her you know, I made this sword from her bones, and it’s a sword that can kill a God!” Alexander shouted, but he was already a crumpled heap, his body shook violently and he only held the odd looking sword with a small feat of will power.

“I bind you to shadowy chains, I erase your mortal memory and I, the God of Death, send you back to the Netherworld.” Thane finished, plunging the sword into Alexander, like a knife through butter and without hesitation kicked him into the claws of the shadows, dragging him until he disappeared completely.

It was only then, when Alexander had disappeared into the Netherworld, that the room changed back to its original form and only then did the God of Death return back to the human form, to Thane. Exhaustion fell upon him, but also a searing pain and then the visions started, it wasn’t long but instantly Thane knew who was dying at that very moment.

Sebastian was still breathing, but barely, the blood pooled around him and the glow of life around him was starting to wane to an almost grey colour.

“No, no, I can save you, I can save you.” Thane shouted, kneeling down in front of Sebastian and pressing his hands against the wound, trying to convince himself that the God of Death could save a life.

“Thane…” Sebastian coughed, his icy blue eyes only now gazing at Thane through half-lidded eyes.

“It’s going to be fine; I’m going to save you.” Thane cooed softly, his voice becoming weak as the tears started to form, but he steeled himself, now was not the time to cry, he had to save Sebastian and the only person who could do that was Antonio.

Picking up Sebastian, as easily as a rag doll and holding him in his arms, Thane suddenly realised how fragile human beings actually were, how easily they could die and how short their lives were. But the fear of death never stopped them from living; they just kept going on as if they could refuse death when it came.

“I’m going to save you.” Thane whispered, before disappearing from the world.


“I can’t Thane.” Antonio simply replied it was not out of spite or coldness; he was truly confused that he couldn’t save Sebastian, couldn’t give life.

“I don’t understand, there has to be something that you can do!” Thane shouted, he was nearly crying now, Sebastian was beginning to accept death, Thane could feel it, but he didn’t want to.

“T-There’s nothing, I-I don’t know, I don’t know why I can’t.” Antonio was at a loss for words, he couldn’t understand, he didn’t understand and this scared him.

“He was stabbed by a Netherworld weapon; our powers cannot help him now.” Nyx replied coldly from the lounge room, she was absently stroking Roy’s head, who was sitting on the floor in front of her, drinking tea and being oblivious to what was happening on the other side of the room.

Thane didn’t say anything to Nyx, she knew that this would happen, this was another punishment and a test to see what Thane would do.

“A God as two souls; the immortal and the mortal.” Thane whispered, remembering what Alexander had told him.

It was only then did Nyx get up, her rage clearly marring her perfect features “don’t,” she simply said, but Thane had already decided.

“I think it’s time Antonio, to see our family again.” Thane simply said to his brother, who smiled instantly as the confusion was washed away.

“I, Thane, the God of Death, give my life to Sebastian Philippe, exchanging my immortal soul to give Sebastian life.” Thane whispered, he couldn’t hear Nyx scream and shout, as he bent towards Sebastian, their lips barely touching.

Thane could feel it, something was leaving him, he felt the chill of death and for once in two thousand years Thane felt human. 

The End

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