Fallen In Love With DeathMature

Sebastian just finished getting dressed when he heard a loud thump come from down stairs followed a sort of manic laughter. He frowned and picked up the nearest thing he could find for a weapon, hairspray; and headed down stairs to see what was down there.

"Sebastian! Come welcome your father home!" A voice that he thought he'd never hear again, said from downstairs. He gulped and slowly shuffled into the lounge area and saw his father, or what was meant to be his father standing there grinning at him with odd looking teeth and a sort of deathly grey shadow to his skin. At his feet was a young woman that looked around wildly.
"D-dad?" Sebastian stuttered. Alexander smiled and motioned Sebastian over to him with a small wave of his hand.

Swallowing, Sebastian shuffled over to him and stode before him in disbelief and wonder. "Hello my son." Alexander said with a smile. He reached out and grasped Sebastian's arm. Before Sebastian could say anything, he was engulfed with darkness. He could hear the sound of a womans screams and his fathers laughter. Nausea rolled through Sebastian, making him sway and gasp for breaths of air.

"Sebastian!" he heard a familiar voice shout in shock. Sebastian looked around in shock, he knew that voice. He loved that voice.

"Thane?" He rasped. Hands grabbed at his shoulders and hauled him to his feet. The sudden movement made Sebastian sway and have bile slither up the back of his throat. He could hear a females voice muttering something in a different language, the smell of lavender dominating the air. The thick smell was hard for Sebastian to breathe through, he could taste it at the back of his throat.

Sebastian opened his eyes just in time to see his father unsheath a strange looking blade and behead the female in one single motion. Sebastian gasped and quuickly backed away from his father. Fear was thick and heavy in the pit of his stomach, his whole body shook and his heartbeat pounded in his ears.
Alexander strode over to Sebastian and grabbed him by the nape of his neck and pressed his blade against his lower belly.
Thane stood up from the circle of candles and walked out of them toward Sebastian and Alexander. "Let him go." He growled.

Alexander laughed and Sebastian could feel him shake his head.
"Not until you tell him everything, how I died, and what you really are." He snapped.
Thane hesistated and looked at Sebastian then nodded.
"Alright, but let him go then I will tell him." He said softly. Alexander laughed and pressed the blade into Sebastian's skin. He sucked in a deep breath when he felt it penetrate through his flesh.

Thane clenched his hands into fists and looked at Sebastian.
"Your father didn't die of a heartattack. Whenever he'd go into the attic he'd be studying the art of necromancy, how to bring the dead back to life. He kidnapped and killed four woman and three men for their hearts, brains, tongues, lungs and eyes. Sebastian, he was learning how to bring your mother back from the dead."
Thane took a deep breath and continued on, "I had heard what was going on, what he was doing So I had  to pay him a visit. I told him what he was doing was wrong and so I killed him. I plunged my kinfe into his heart and he died immediatly." Thane whispered.

Sebastian stared at him in shock. Thane was killed his father?
"How?" Sebastian asked as tears dribbled down his face. Thane took another deep breath and started pacing in front of the circle of candles.

"I was born in Greece over two thousand years ago. I was in love with a man named Gabriel, I beleive you've heard his name before... He was the orginal god of Death, although I didn't know that at the time. I was young, foolish; I still had the heart of a child. So when I found out he was in love with someone else, a woman, I was so enraged that I tried to kill her, but Gabriel had stepped in front of her and the knife had plunged into him and killed him." Thane paused and wiped his hands over his face. "I killed the God of Death and as my punishment, I took his place... Sebastian, there was a reason why I always wore those gloves. I didn't have an aversion to skin and it wasn't until recently that I finally could touch someone without the gloves on, could finally touch you." He let out a shuddering breath and stopped and looked at Sebastian again. "When you first met me...my skin could kill people. Just one touch and they'd die..." He trailed off then blinked and something in his eyes hardened. "I was human once Sebastian, but not anymore." He whispered.

All Sebastian could do was look at him in shock. He didn't know what to do. Thane was the god of death? His touch killed people...and he was over two thousand years old? Sebastian felt sick all over again.
"I've told him, now let him go." Sebastian heard Thane say to Alexander.
Alexander chuckled. He stabbed his blade into Sebastian's stomach, causing Sebastian to cry out loudly.
"No!" He heard Thane roar.

Sebastian looked up through blurry eyes as Thane went form his handsome human self, to a...thing with wings and blood red skin.
His breathing turned shallow and ragged as the darkness slowly folded around him, grasping him and dragging him closer to the shadows.
He felt his body hit the floor and then...nothing.

The End

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