Thane felt the cold first as if he was lying on concrete and opening his eyes Thane’s vision began to refocus back to normal until he realised that he was now in a darkened room with the heavy stench of lavender and scented candles lingering in the air. Sitting up Thane was keenly aware of his nakedness, of eyes boring down on him through the dark, and the fact that the floor was not concrete but wood laminate.

“Where am I?” Thane coughed to the eyes in the dark, only realising now that his throat felt raw and exhausted, as if someone had been choking him. But Thane was met with silence that was wrapped in both surprise and anticipation; he could feel the electricity of excitement linger through the air.

Frowning at the silence Thane looked down at the candles in front of him and only then did he realise that they formed a circle around him… a barrier. His blood ran cold as the full weight of his situation finally weighed itself down on his shoulders; someone somehow was able to summon him, trap him in a magical barrier created by the candles and now that sat villainously in the dark.

“It worked… and it’s you… I can’t believe it, you’re death, and you’re a god.” A small girlish voice spoke in awe from the darkness, peering through the veil of dark Thane could see the outline of someone who sat just outside the ring of light, the only thing he could tell about the person was that they had a small frame and long dark red hair.

“Who are you, how did you know how to do this?” Thane asked, he could feel his rage surging through him, he could feel it almost bubbling through the words. But instead he was met with silence. “Show yourself!” Thane shouted, his rage exploding through his voice, which was low and more akin to the power that a God might have.

Almost immediately the girl crawled into the edge of the light, revealing to Thane that she was rather young, sixteen or just seventeen, pretty with dark red hair and large chocolate eyes. She was a girl who still held the naïve preconception of love, the naïve outlook on life that is only held by the young and she was a girl who had trapped the God of Death.

“I wanted to impress you, Thane, so I took some of your books and learnt how to read Latin… I didn’t expect the ritual to work.” The girl explained, looking up at Thane with the look of worship and blind love that he hadn’t seen since the ancient times of Greece, Rome and Egypt.

“You stole my books…” Thane’s voice and hands shook with the pure rage that now pumped through his body, he watched the girl with hatred as she blushed and looked down at her knees. He couldn’t believe that he was so complacent, that he couldn’t even protect five simple books and now he was going to suffer the consequences of his complacency and stupidity.

“Well, you weren’t using them and it wasn’t like you even noticed that they were gone.”

“DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU’VE DONE?!” Thane shouted, his voice sounding like the rumble of the thunder than his usual soft-spoken voice. Not until then did Thane act more like a God than ever; a thunderous voice with the hatred for humans to match. The girl was appropriately wide eyed and full of fear, her small body shaking with it.

“This trap,” Thane started pointing to the candles circling him, “is forcing me in limbo, between the world of the humans and the world of the Gods, preventing my power to keep those from the Netherworld, the spirit world, from the human world…” As Thane explained the seriousness of what the girl had done it suddenly dawned on him… Alexander Philippe, the sole person in the Netherworld, was able to escape the longer Thane was in this trap.

“Get me out, release me from this trap,” Thane ordered, the rage that he had felt was now completely flooded by panic and fear, he needed to completely in the human world, he needed to protect Sebastian.

Oh god, Sebastian, he just left him there.

“No, I love you so much if I let you out then you’ll leave me forever. I can’t let that happen, and I can protect myself from a few zombies if I need to.” The girl explained vehemently, her eyes held fierce determination that would scare anyone who had a lick of sanity.

“Let me out or else a very bad man is going to escape, and I don’t know what he’s going to do when he does.” Thane spoke firmly but if one listened closely they would hear the desperation in Thane’s voice, he was nearly begging the girl to release him.

“No, no I will not let you leave, I love you, I love you so much, Thane.” The girl cried, looking up at Thane with devoted love and fealty that one would only see in the most religious of people.

And then it happened, a cold and metallic laugh that froze Thane with fear, “yes, we should all love Thane for what he has done for us.” The voice was metallic and sounded as if the person to whom the voice belonged to had smoked far too many cigarettes. The girl had now crawled beside Thane, hiding behind him in fear for the man that walked into the ring of light, standing before Thane without fear and with a clear look of contempt.

Alexander Philippe was grey, his skin no longer held the glow that only belonged to the living and his eyes were no longer any colour that belonged to a human. Alexander Philippe was no longer human, he was a shade of what he once was and replacing whatever human quality that Alexander lost was an animalistic and benevolent spirit. Thane had never been so scared in his life.

“What’s the matter Thane scared that you don’t have your powers?” Alexander laughed condescendingly; his grin was pointed and manic, revealing his sharp toothpick like teeth. But Thane remained silent, not because of dignity or pride, but because he was terrified, but he didn’t show that to Alexander, he didn’t want to show him that he was weak.

“I know that you’re with my son, yes, even in the Netherworld I can see what you’re up to… and I know that you haven’t told him who you really are… Hm, are you scared of what he might think of you?” Alexander laughed quietly “Well then, I think it’s time he found out and I think it’s time that he finds out what really happened to his father.”

“Don’t you dare touch him,” Thane’s voice rumbled like thunder, but instead of quaking with fear Alexander instead just smirked as he grabbed the girl, who let out a continuous blood curdling scream and slowly they both disappeared from the world… Like a God… as if Alexander Philippe held the powers of a God… that wasn’t possible.

Was it?

The End

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