Where Did He Go?Mature

Sebastian watched in growing horror as Thane faded from sight.

His solid form, which Sebastian had just touched, turned into nothing but thin air. Thane had just faded...right before Sebastian's eyes.
Sebastian swallowed and walked around his apartment.

"Thane?" He called but there was no answer. He walked up to his room and saw the messed up bed.

His fingers itched to straighten it but he wanted, no, needed to find out what happened to Thane first. He hurried to the front door and wrenched it open and peered outside.
"Thane?" He shouted but again, there was no answer.

Frustration clawed at Sebastian. He didn't know what to do. Should he go out looking for Thane? Or just stay here and wait for Thane to come back?
Sebastian shook his head and went back up to the bedroom and stripped the bed and threw the sheets into the washing machine and went into his closet and pulled a plastic bag that contained new and unused sheets.

He re-made the bed then stood in the middle of his room with his hands planted on his hips and not knowing what to do.

He sighed.
The glorious feeling from last night was starting to fade. Without Thane here to enjoy the moment, he just felt so...empty. '

Feeling deflated and hurt Sebastian shuffled into the bathroom to shower and scrub until his skin felt pink and raw.
Then the panic set in.
He had just watched his lover fade from sight. Things like that just didn't happen.

Sebastian shakily sat down in the shower as he body was raked with violent shakes. His heartbeat felt like a  jackhammer in his chest and despite the water running over him, he could feel sweat starting to coat him in a fine sheen. Sebastian gasped in deep breaths, but the panic didn't ease.
It got worse.
"Thane..." Sebastian whispered in a painfilled voice.

The End

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