Summoning After MorningMature

Thane stared at Sebastian, who looked like he was going faint any second, as the five words rung in his ears and it wasn’t until Sebastian finally looked up at Thane that he finally realised that he hadn’t said anything back. But Thane couldn’t say anything, he was of course in love with Sebastian but he couldn’t say it, he didn’t want to.

It was the sudden thought of Sebastian growing older and eventually dying that scared Thane, if he were to confess his feelings it would only confirm that he and Sebastian would never truly be together. Thane was eternally immortal, he was a god, and Sebastian was a mortal, their lives were but mere seconds in the great expanse of time. Sebastian could never become a god and if Thane were to turn into a human he would instantly die, for no one is supposed to live for over two thousand years.

Kneeling, Thane held Sebastian’s hands in his, he couldn’t get over how warm and soft they were. In his head Thane practised a speech that he would tell Sebastian about how much he meant to Thane, but it wasn’t good enough, so silently Thane leaned forward, forcing Sebastian to lean back into the sofa and Thane kissed Sebastian with the same passion that Thane had put into the kiss only minutes before.

And that was it, all of the pent up tension that had plagued Thane for two thousand years of not touching a human or making love to another human being had finally overcome him. Grabbing Sebastian by the collar of his shirt Thane pulled him up from the sofa, “which way to your room?” Thane said breathing heavy and with a small smile Sebastian grabbed Thane’s hand and led him up the stairs and into Sebastian’s room.


Thane woke up with Sebastian against his chest, the blankets partially covered their bodies and Thane could feel the suns raise beam down on him. Thane felt tired and languorous, he had forgotten what it felt like after a night with a loved one. Everything was perfect, as if the problems of his world, as if the problems that would plague him in the future didn’t matter. Right now the world was perfect, blissful and completely warm.

It was then that Sebastian woke up, looking up at Thane with a small, happy smile on his face, “did you know that I can make awesome pancakes?” Sebastian smiled, lightly kissing Thane’s chest and stomach.

Thane’s body shivered involuntary at Sebastian’s lips, he closed his eyes and the only sound that he could make in reply was a satisfied sigh. Thane could hear Sebastian laugh softly as the bed shook a little from Sebastian getting up from the bed. Opening his eyes Thane watched as Sebastian grabbed a spare blanket, wrapped it around his body and then proceeded to pull out red boxer shorts from single plastic wrappings.  

"Sebastian, what are you doing?" Laughed Thane as he sat up on the bed.  

"I'm trying to put on my clothes.” Sebastian answered as he struggled to hold the blanket around his waist whilst trying to pull on the red boxer shorts

"With the blanket still around you?”

"Well I don't want you to see me naked." Sebastian answered as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"I've already seen you naked though,” laughed Thane, before getting out of bed – not caring about the blanket – and hugging Sebastian, whilst sneakily taking the blanket from the Sebastian and throwing it on the bed.


The bedroom was dimly lit with scented candles, the heavy scent of lavender and lilies hung in the air like a thick cloud and Victoria chanted the words that would bring the God of Death to her. It didn’t take Victoria very long – nearly only two days – for her to read and understand Latin, she wasn’t fluent in the language, of course, but she knew enough to get the gist of each chapter and paragraph. The first time she had read them she couldn’t believe that Thane would be interested in necromancy, he didn’t seem like the type of guy who would be, but after the initial shock wore off Victoria became obsessed with learning and reading from the books. Victoria hoped to impress Thane with her incredible intellect and it would give the both of them something to talk about when they would eventually meet.

But right now Victoria was focused on the task ahead; she was going to summon the God of Death to her and order the God to make Thane fall in love with her. Victoria was a little sceptical of the whole idea, but she thought that she might as well try… just in case.


The pain clawed at Thane’s body almost instantly, his vision blurred strangely and then suddenly his heart clenched tightly as if someone was squeezing the life out of it. A strange high pitched scream filled Thane’s ears and as he looked up he could see Sebastian, his eyes scared, trying to speak to him, but Thane couldn’t hear a word. Then it happened, Thane could feel himself disappearing, it wasn’t of his own accord and that was what terrified him the most… he had no control over his power.

“Sebastian…” Thane shouted weakly before he disappeared from the world. 

The End

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