Thane could feel his blood pump through his body, he could hear his heartbeat in his ears and his mind that was once filled with white noise was now completely still and calm. Nerves still wreaked havoc over him, but now Thane felt bold, like how one feels just when they’re about to go on stage; nerves still kill your body but the mind is eerily calm, knowing that you’re not going to screw up any lines. This was what Thane felt as he held Sebastian in his hands, the boldness allowing him to lightly skim his thumb over Sebastian’s lips, which were so soft….

Immediately Thane moved his hand away, crossing his legs as he quickly motioned for the waiter to quickly bring the bill. Taking a quick glance at Sebastian, Thane knew that Sebastian had noticed, he could see the tell-tale signs of a small embarrassed, almost gleeful, grin appear on his face. Thane could feel the heat rise from his chest to his face, a wave of embarrassment crashing down on him as the waiter brought the bill over, their eyes widening as they looked at Thanes crossed legs.

Panicking, Thane got up (no pun intended) grabbing Sebastian’s hand as he fished out his wallet and basically threw the money at the waiter before dragging Sebastian out of the restaurant as fast as he could considering his ‘condition.’

The cold night air seemed to help immensely as Thane nearly ran out of the restaurant, but the damage had already been done, the embarrassment continued to batter him in waves and as a result he leaned against a wall and covered his face with his hands.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I have no idea what just happened, but it just did. Oh god this is embarrassing.” Thane apologised to Sebastian, his hands still covering his face, he didn’t want to see Sebastian’s reaction, he didn’t want to feel anymore embarrassed than he already did. What just happened to him was so… un-dashing.

Then came the laugh, a reply to Thane’s embarrassment, spreading his fingers apart Thane could see Sebastian doubling over in laughter that was loud and glorious. It was a laugh that came right from the pit of the stomach, a laugh that could produce tears of joy.

“Oh Thane, that was brilliant,” Sebastian managed to say as he now tried to keep control of his laughter, his smile reached his eyes and he looked at Thane with… an emotion that Thane had somehow lost the name of.

“What do you mean?” Thane asked, his hands now only covering his cheeks which were now probably bright red. Thank goodness for the dark street.

“You’re always so perfect, everything you do is so precise and you do nothing that’s ever awkward or embarrassing. And for the longest time I had always thought of myself as this… bumbling idiot, this nothing guy compared to you. But now, knowing that I can,” Sebastian smiled and gestured to Thane, “affect you like that, I know now that you’re not perfect and that you are human and you’re not some angel or something.”

Sebastian moved closer to Thane and pulled his hands down from his face.

“I love that and…” Thane noticed then what was different about Sebastian, what the look in his eyes were, it was longing and lust. Sebastian’s arctic blue eyes seemed to alight with fire and Thane noticed that Sebastian was looking at him, really looking at him as if Thane was the only person in the world at that singular moment.

Then without another word, or a pause of hesitation Sebastian kissed Thane and the God of Death fell deep into it as if he had dived into the deep end of the pool and for that moment Thane once again became Dante. Sebastian filled every memory where Dante felt alone, he filled Dante’s lonely heart with as much love and longing that Dante could bare.

And at that Dante started to cry, they were not the tears of self-pity or sorrow, they weren’t even the tears of joy. Dante cried because he was relieved, for he had thought that he had lost all of his humanity, that he had lost his capacity to love someone and that he had lost his heart to the cruelty and inconsistency of humans.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited…” Dante breathed as Sebastian slowly pulled away, and with a soft smile Sebastian entwined his fingers with Dante’s hand and lead him to the edge of the street where Sebastian hailed a taxi. 

The End

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