His skin was so soft.
It was like satin only it felt as if it were softer than satin. Sebastian had no words on how to describe the baby fine texture of Thane's skin.

As Thane's eyes fluttered closed Sebastian's heart twisted in his chest. Thane trusted him enought to touch him and close his eyes to enjoy the touch.

He wanted to weep in joy but he simply contented himself with picking up Thane's hand and twining his fingers through Thane's.
It was heaven.
Sweat coated the base of Sebastian's back as Thane's eyes opened again and looked at Sebastian.
His eyes were alight with such raw longing that Sebastian's breath hitched in his throat. He tightened his hold around Thane's hand and gulped.

His heart was fluttering inside of his chest like a song bird that skipped along the branch while singing it's song to Mother Nature.
Sebastian shivered and broke the eye contact as a blush coloured his face.
Thane's free hand reached out and cupped Sebastian's chin and turned it so he was facing Thane again.

"Better." Thane whispered with a small smile on his face. Sebastian smiled at him and scooted his chair closer to Thane's.
Thane's hand still remained on Sebastian's chin but it slowly slide along the side of his jaw until his fingertips were just under his ear and his palm fully cupped his jaw.

God, Sebastian wanted to kiss him so much it almost ached. Thane's lips looked so perfect and if Sebastian were a betting man, he'd be they tasted like the most delicious thing on this planet.
He shuddered and pressed his face into Thane's hand more and smiled back at him.

Nothing could ever compare to that moment. The sun could fall from the sky and Sebastian wouldn't even care.
And in that moment, Sebastian knew, without a doubt, he had fallen in love with Thane.

The End

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