Without Antonio making snide remarks or jokes about Sebastian the apartment was eerily quiet, Thane swore that he could hear Shakespeare think, which was even more annoying than Shakespeare actually speaking. But Thane pushed the annoyances out of his mind and rummaged through his closet, over the course of two thousand years Thane had acquired an outfit for every decade and fashion, from the flamboyancy of the 17thcentury to the androgynous fashion of David Bowie in the 60’s, Thane had it all.

Thane stared at the array of outfits in his closet, but what could he wear? He obviously couldn’t wear the purple sparkled, David Bowie inspired outfit nor the highly decorated outfits of the 17thCentury, but Thane also didn’t want to wear his usual button up shirt and jeans. Sighing in frustration, Thane flicked through the outfits, getting more annoyed at the lack of nice modern suits in his wardrobe.

Until his eyes finally settled on a suit that he bought around the 1920’s, it was beautiful, expertly tailored to fit against his body and in a dark grey and blue. Pulling out the suit Thane quickly got dressed, wearing it he started to remember how he used to wear this suit to the speakeasies in Chicago and in the cafés of Paris.  

Taking a glance at the clock Thane was surprised that it was already 6:45pm, god, he only had 15 freaking minutes to get to Sebastian’s and then to the restaurant. Grabbing his wallet, Thane hurried outside his bedroom, across the lounge – ignoring whatever it was that Shakespeare was shouting at him about – out of the apartment and quickly hailing a hackney towards Sebastian.


The hackney rumbled quietly in the background as Thane straightened his suit and walked towards the front door. His heart pounded, his hands were getting clammy with sweat and the anxiety and nerves seemed to clamour around his body. Taking a deep breath, Thane knocked on the door and instantly Sebastian swung it open, he looked beautiful, albeit a little flustered, but Thane hardly cared. Sebastian’s blue eyes were bright; his soft dark brown hair had the usual windswept hairstyle and the red silk shirt.God,Thane thought as he stared at the red silk shirt that hugged Sebastian, who didn’t have huge bulking muscles but instead he was lean, toned and perfect.

“Hi,” Sebastian smiled, looking up at Thane with his bright blue eyes and a hint of a blush slowly blooming on the apples of his cheeks. It was a slight change, if anyone had been looking at Sebastian they wouldn’t have noticed it, but Thane did…

Realising that he hadn’t said anything Thane fumbled for any words that sounded coherent, but there was nothing to grab onto, nothing that wouldn’t make him sound like a blubbering idiot and so giving up on talking Thane just stepped aside for Sebastian.

Smiling a little Sebastian walked past Thane towards the hackney, and quickly together they drove towards the inner city of London.


Sitting down at the table Thane shook with fear and anxiety. He couldn’t appreciate the wonderfulness of the “Fat Duck Restaurant” which the month’s theme was Alice in Wonderland; he couldn’t appreciate the pastel colours and beautiful decorations. Instead he was terrified about the date, about the whole situation of being able to touch Sebastian, but he couldn’t. Two thousand years of avoiding a human beings touch and now all of a sudden he didn’t have to avoid it, the mere fact made his head spin a little.

Thane barely noticed as the waiter took their orders, Sebastian ordered the “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” and Thane barely noticed that he ordered the “Roast Foie Gras,” his mind was on other thoughts and Thane didn’t give the ‘ooh and ah’ that each of the dishes deserved. Sebastian however, filled the enthusiasm for both them, his grin spreading like a boy in a candy-shop.

Thane ate mechanically, his mind buzzed with white noise at the closeness between himself and Sebastian. He was hyperaware of Sebastian’s hands, they looked soft but sturdy, effeminate hands but hidden underneath was the strength of a man.God, Thane thought, he just wanted to reach out and just brush Sebastian’s skin. But two thousand years of avoiding a human’s touch had ingrained itself in his brain and just thinking about it made him feel clumsy and odd. Here he was having dinner with Sebastian and he couldn’t bring himself to at least brush Sebastian’s fingertips.

“You’re not wearing you gloves.” Sebastian mentioned in surprise, looking up at Thane as he brought a spoonful of soup to his lips.

Thane instinctively stretched his fingers, aware that they felt quite naked without the leather covers over his hands.

“I thought it was time I let go of the gloves…” Thane talked to his dish, he couldn’t look at Sebastian, terrified of diving into the arctic blue eyes and drowning in them.

Knowing this Thane was aware that he hadn’t had sex in over two thousand years, he felt incredibly inadequate, here was Sebastian who probably had sex with a ton of men and Thane had only lost his virginity once when he was fifteen and that was to a woman who was seventeen years older than him. But he could feel the tension now, the wanting, the needing to touch Sebastian, to have him. That was why Thane stared at down, he was terrified of looking at Sebastian because he knew that if he saw him and those eyes he wouldn’t be able to help himself.

It was maddening.

Silence enveloped the both of them, no one stirred, but Thane could feel Sebastian’s eyes on him and intensity bore down on Thane. He could feel his own heart pounding in his ears, the silence was taking forever and Thane knew, he knew now that Sebastian didn’t want to touch him, there was no way.

But suddenly, Sebastian reached out his hand and lightly brushed Thane’s fingertips with his own. It was sudden and surprising that Thane could hardly believe it, all he could do was watch as Sebastian made soft circles upon the back of his hand. Closing his eyes Thane revelled in the moment, focusing on nothing but the warmth and softness of Sebastian’s hand.

It was the most beautiful thing he had ever experienced. 

The End

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