The Perfect OutfitMature

Sebastian stopped inside of the mens clothing store and looked for the racks that held the more classy clothes.

He spotted them over in the left corner and walked over there with his trembling hands shoved into his pockets. 
Things with Cole had gone better than he had expected, Cole was shocked yet happy that Sebastian and Thane had a date. He wasn't angry or even upset. For once Cole was happy for Sebastian, in fact he was so happy, he chose to help him pick out his outfit.

"Bas, come here!" Cole shouted from the other side of the clothing store.
Sebastian winced and shuffled over to him with his head ducked slightly. Other shoppers were looking at Cole with frowns or looks of curiousty. Sebastian's face heated in embarassment as he hurried over to Cole.

"Keep your voice down." He hissed at Cole through clenched teeth. Cole smiled and held up a dark blue button down shirt.

"What do you think?" He asked him witha grin. Sebastian eyed it closely then shook his head.
"Too bland." Sebastian said to him. Cole sighed and out it back on the rack and walked over to the next one and sorted through the shirts.
Sebastian blew out a breath and looked around the store again.
He wanted his outfit to be perfect, everything had to be perfect. It was Thane he was going on a date with, he had to look sharp and the best he could possibly look.

Sebastian paused when something behind the counter caught his eye. His eyes widened as he wondered over to the counter and pointed up at the blood red silk shirt that shone in the shops overhead lights.

"Could I please see that shirt?" He asked the clerk behind the counter. The clerk smiled at him and bent behind the counter and handed over a red silk shirt.
Sebastian ran his hands over it in wonder as he checked the size and smiled. "I'll take it." He says and pushed it back to the clerk.

He strolled out of the shop with the bag clutched tightly within his hand. Cole scuttled out of the shop with three shopping bags stuffed with clothes clenched tightly within his hands.  He grinned at Sebastian and nodded at his bags.
"They were all on sale, so I thought that I'd get them." Cole said in excitement. Sebastian smiled at him and shook his head.

"Want to go get some lunch before we move on the pants and shoes?" He asked Cole.
Cole nodded and started walking to a nearby café. Just before they reached the café Sebastian noticed a watch in the window of a jewllery store. He walked into the store and looked at the watch in amazement. Cole strode in and whistled when he saw the watch.

"Wow Bas, that is a really nice watch." He said. Sebastian nodded and peered at it closely.
"It is." He breathed in awe. Sebastian had to have that watch, right then his silk shirt seemed so mundane compared to the watch.
It was a white gold watch with a pearl white face plate and shiny silver roman numerals as the numbers.
He had to have it.

Sebastian had the feint thought that her was going over the top with this date but he didn't care. He wanted to look his best and he knew, in his gut that with that watch he'd feel like he was at his best. There weren't many things in Sebastian's life that he treasured but this date with Thane blows everything he owns right out of the water.

He waved to one of the store clerks and pointed at the watch.
"I'll take that please." Sebastian said as he pulled out his wallet and without blinking at the price of the watch he paid for it and again strolled out of the store happily.
Cole wondered out behind him and smiled softly at Sebastian.

"He really must be that special to you Bas." Cole whispered to him. Sebastian nodded.
"He is." Sebastian whispered. Cole nodded and reached out to stroke his thumb over Sebastian's cheek.
"Then he is a very lucky man." Cole said to him softly. Sebastian's eyes filled with tears at Cole's words. His breath hitched slightly as he smiled a small smile past his clogged throat.
"Thank you." He whispered to Cole.
Cole nodded and removed his hand.
"Shall we eat then?" He asked as he started toward the café again. Sebastian nodded and followed behind him.
And with each step that he took, his heart felt light, Sebastian felt almost at peace. He felt that he was getting closer and closer to finally getting out of the shadow that his and Cole's break-up and caused.
Sebastian smiled. Things were finally going the way he liked.
Now all he had to do was count down the days left until possibly the best night of his life.

The End

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