What To Wear...Mature

Sebastian felt giddy.
As he drove home from Thane's place little shocks of excitement zinged through him. A wide grin was on his face and his hands gripped the steeling wheel as his heart thundered.

Sebastian hadn't felt this good in years, not even when he had his first date with Cole. There's always something different about Thane, and whatever that difference was, always pulled Sebastian in closer to Thane and sparked his curiousity.

Finally reaching his home. He parked, locked the car doors and raced inside and staright to his closet to look for something to wear.
He pulled out his best suits and best shirts and shoes, laid them all out of his bed and studied them all intently before putting them all back and deciding that he will go shopping for a new outfit for his date with Thane.

Sebastian sat down on his bed with a smile and tucked his shaking hands underneath his legs.
"I have a date with Thane." he whispered to himself in wonder. He giggled and lay back against his bed to stare up at his ceiling.

"Bas, you home?" Sebastian heard Cole call from the lounge. The smile slowly slipped off of Sebastian's face as he sat up and waited for Cole to find him.
"I'm in here." Sebastian said loud enough that Cole would hear him. Cole strolled into his room and sat down next to him on Sebastian's bed.
"Where did you go?" He asked Sebastian softly.
Sebastian just shrugged and lay back down.

"Went to talk to Thane." He said honestly. Cole nodded and bit his lip.
"How did that go?" He asked Sebastian quietly.
Sebastian looked at him and wondered if he should tell Cole about his date with Thane. But he didn't know how he would react. He mentally shrugged.
Cole had the right to know, there was no sense is lying to him.
"Thane and I have a date." Sebastian said to Cole. He looked at Sebastian in shock.
"What?" He snapped. Sebastian swallowed.
Had he just made a mistake?

The End

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