The Underwhelming Revoke of a PowerMature

Thane closed the door behind him as Sebastian headed out the door, he let out a deep sigh and leaned back he couldn’t believe that Nyx was going to take away his powers after all this time. Not even the idiocy of Shakespeare could bring down the feeling of utter relief and happiness that consumed his whole body.

Walking toward the lounge Thane spotted Antonio sitting on the couch, who was now drinking orange juice and Shakespeare who, of course, was on the mantel piece. Thane couldn’t help but smile serenely as he walked to the kitchen and poured himself a cup of tea, before returning to the lounge room.

“Shakespeare, why did you talk to Sebastian?” Thane asked conversationally, but he could feel the sudden anxiety from the skull, good, so at least Shakespeare knew that what he did was completely stupid.

“I thought you already told him about, you know, you being an immortal god.” Shakespeare replied, it was a stupid answer but Thane was far too happy to not hold it against him, so instead Thane gave a lazy shrug before settling his tea on the coffee table.

“I thought you would’ve gone with Nyx.” Thane told Antonio, who stared at him blankly before dropping his gum in Thane’s cup of tea. But still, Thane was far too happy to not care that his brother was being a jerk again.

Without a word Antonio walked out of the apartment, slamming the door behind him and leaving Thane and Shakespeare alone together in silence. Sighing, Thane grabbed his tea and walked back to the kitchen, emptying the sweet drink into the sink and throwing the chewing gum into the bin.

“Umm, Thane, I need to talk to you about something.” Shakespeare called, his voiced carried an uncharacteristically amount of anxiety in his voice, but Thane was far too happy to let anything bring him down and he was still a little angry that Shakespeare had even talked to Sebastian at all.

“Not now, I need to go to Nyx’s and get my power taken.” Thane smiled, before heading towards the apartment door.

“No, Thane wait, please it’s important.” Shakespeare pleaded, but it was to nothing, Thane had already left and had already disappeared from the world. “Shit,” Shakespeare muttered, the skull had never felt more hopeless in his life.


Thane stood outside Nyx’s house, yet again, his hands shook, but not with fear or anxiety, but with happiness and excitement. After two thousand years of living in constant fear of accidentally killing a human, Thane would be able to go outside without wearing gloves, or his coat. It had been over two thousand years but now Thane would be able to touch another human being.

The Swiss breeze was cool and sweet as if the whole country had been baking cakes for the past hour and now the sunset was just turning the sky a brilliant purple and orange.

Smiling, Thane knocked on the door and let himself in, Nyx sat on the couch with Antonio lying his head on her lap and Roy, who stared at nothing in particular. Thane belonged to a dysfunctional family, if anyone human had walked in then they would see Antonio and Nyx as a married couple and Roy as the tripped out and therefore useless brother. It was strange, but right now Thane didn’t care, he was happy to see all of them together.

Groaning, Nyx started to get up, forcing Antonio to sit upright on the couch and Thane followed her into the lounge where she opened wooden box and took a small blue blade, almost identical to the one that Thane had, and held it out in front of Thane.

“I, Nyx, Creator of the Universe and Goddess of Night, hereby revoke a power from Dante Machiavelli, God of Death and Guide of the Lingering Souls.” Nyx said, she didn’t say it with power nor with any enthusiasm. She just said it as if she were listing off groceries.

Then without warning she took hold of Thane’s left hand and stuck the blade into one of his fingers. A strange red light seeped into the blade and Thane watched in amazement as the light swirled around in the blade, like a lava lamp or oil in water. It was beautiful.

Then suddenly Nyx removed the blade, “it is done,” she said with finality before placing the blade back into the wooden box. Thane didn’t feel any different and he had to admit that the ceremony was rather underwhelming, so instead of asking any questions that might provoke Nyx, Thane turned and started for the door.

“Oh and Thane,” Nyx called out, forcing Thane to stop just as he opened the door, “when Sebastian gets too old for you and eventually dies, I want you to live here with me.”

Without looking at Nyx, Thane nodded his head once and headed out the door before disappearing from the world. 

The End

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