“You’re lucky that the memory of his father’s death is when after you killed him and you’re very very lucky that Alexander didn’t teach the family trade.” Nyx spoke quietly, she looked straight into Thane’s eyes – which wasn’t hard to do since she was the same height as Thane – without fear but with great knowing. Nyx knew the inner workings of the universe and that knowing showed deep within her eyes.

Thane stepped back against the wall, relief washing over him, it felt as if he was going to faint with it but instead he just thought of what it would mean to finally be able to walk down the street without gloves and without the fear of killing a human accidentally. Of what it would mean to finally touch Sebastian, to finally kiss him, to finally make love to him….

“If he finds out who you are, though, and if he starts blabbing it to other people, you’re going to have to kill him.” Nyx said casually as if she were talking about picking a dog up from the vet.

“What?” Thane hissed angrily, he knew this was coming but the way Nyx was so nonchalant about it was what made him angry.

“You heard me…” Nyx said sternly her eyes were hard like stone and her face showed no sign that she was neither angry, nor happy about anything. Nyx showed little emotion apart from anger.

The next moment made Thane’s heart jump to his throat, he could feel the horror of it tearing what opportunity he had made with Nyx. Sebastian had run into Nyx, bumping into her making the God of the Universe stumble on her feet, Thane could see the anger behind her eyes spark with bright flames. It was a horrible moment, but then slowly Nyx smiled at Sebastian with ease and laughed. It was a laugh that had bells, a laugh of innocence; it was strange hearing Nyx laugh.

Sebastian stared at Nyx wide eyed and full of fear, “I’m so sorry, I just-“ Sebastian started to blurt out an explanation, but Nyx just held up her hand, still smiling at Sebastian before her.

“Don’t worry about it, Sebastian. Just promise me that you’ll look after my Thane and he’s gone through a lot of trouble to have him in his life-“ Her voice was horribly sweet, it sounded condescending.

“Mother,” Thane snapped angrily, he knew where she was going with this and he wasn’t going to let Nyx bully Sebastian into fearing him. But Nyx just laughed in reply and patted Thane’s head, before turning back to Sebastian.

“I hope you realise, Sebastian. What sort of family Thane belongs to.” Nyx smiled before opening the door and turning back to Thane.

“Oh and Thane, swing by tonight if you can and I’ll take care of it.” Nyx smiled, playfully giving a slap on Thane’s cheek, it felt harder than it looked, “Oh and Antonio, please visit more often, I miss my favourite son.” Nyx called out, before waving goodbye to Sebastian and heading out the door.

Silence enveloped them for a moment, before Thane turned to Sebastian, who looked like he was going to faint on the spot and smiled.

“Are you ok, what were you running from?” Thane asked seriously, he hoped Antonio didn’t say anything too disturbing.

“There was a skull in your lounge room…. It talked… sort of- god I sound crazy.” Sebastian explained breathlessly, he made an awkward breathy laughed and buried his face in his hands. Thane closed his eyes in frustration; Shakespeare was getting more annoying every second.

“It’s just a dumb toy I got from America… Pennsylvania actually, at a horror theme park, the skull talks if you walk past it or in intervals. I should throw it out, it’s annoying.” Thane lied, this one came particularly easy for him and it was a good lie, one that would be believable to someone who hadn’t been to Pennsylvania before. They probably did have talking skulls there though.

“Oh… that makes more sense.” Sebastian laughed, relaxing just a tiny bit, “you’re mother… she’s beautiful… and young.” Sebastian rambled.

“Mother had me and my brothers when she was young.” Thane simply replied, his heart was pounding against his chest, he was going to ask Sebastian to have dinner with him… god it was so much harder asking in person than on the phone.

“Would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow night?” Thane blurted out quickly, but luckily for him Sebastian had understood and a small shy smile appeared on Sebastian, it was one of things Thane could never get tired of.

“Yeah, that’d be nice… what time?”

“Seven… and wear a suit, I’m taking you somewhere nice.” Thane smiled easily, but already he could feel the anxiety and nerves build up; tomorrow night was going to be the night that he, Thane the God of Death, was going to go somewhere without wearing his gloves.  

The End

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