Sebastian looked at Thane's mother in a mix of shock and pain. He could feel the beginnings of another panic attack coming along. His hands started shaking and his heartbeat sped up, sweat coated his brow and the base of his back. Sebastian licked his lips nervously and frowned down at his feet and tried to calm himself down.
He took deep breaths in and out until he slowly relaxed.

He hated talking about his family, his father especially. Long buried memories of finding his dead father flashed inside of Sebastian's mind. He could still smell the putrid scent of death, still see the empty look within his fathers open eyes.
Sebastian shook his head and willed the images away.

He bit his lip and looked back at Thane's mother. "No, I never even glanced at them. Not like I had the chance to either. My father kept them locked away in the attic and treasured them more than he did with me." Sebastian said bitterly.
He winced at the tone of his voice and looked at Thane, who watched him with a look of apology of his face.

"I see..." Nyx said quietly. She abruptly stood up and smiled at Thane."A word." She said to him and walked out to the entrance without waiting for his reply. Thane quickly stood up and hurried after her.
Sebastian could hear their voices whispering from where he sat but he didn't pay close enough attention to what they were saying.

"You have no idea how lucky you are." Antonio commented from where he stood. Sebastian looked up at him in shock.
"Excuse me?" Sebastian said in surprise. Antonio smiled and came to sit opposite Sebastian.
"Lets just say that our...mother, is a very..." He trailed off and tapped his chin in thought. "How can I put this so you'll understand...protective. she's very protective. And she asked upi questions because she worries about Thane." Antonio said to him with a feint mocking smile. Sebastian swallowed audibly and gripped his knees tightly until his knuckles turned white.
"And how does that make me lucky?" Sebastian asked quietly.

Antonio just smiled at him and winked. "I'm sure Thane will explain it to you when he thinks it's the right time to." Antonio stood up and shuffled out of the room, leaving Sebastian sitting there by himself.
He looked around the lounge again and his eyes rested on the skull.
"Hi there." It said. Sebastian's eyes bugged out of his head as he leapt to his feet and made a run for the front door.

The End

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