Questions, Questions, Questions.Mature

Thane’s hands shook slightly beside him as the silence seeped into the room, a terrible silence that choked everything around it making sure that no noise would be able to escape. Thane could see it, he could see a storm brewing behind Nyx’s dark purple eyes, and he could see her fury bubbling inside her ready for Sebastian to just make one mistake…

He caught a glance at Antonio, who was leaning against the wall and slowly chewing, what Thane guessed, was gum. Antonio didn’t try and hide the anger and jealousy from his face, he wore it openly, it was then that Thane realised that whatever little he and his brother had made in the past few days was now completely destroyed. Antonio hated the fact that Nyx came to visit to see Sebastian and not him.

“Mother… Sebastian, why don’t you two sit down and talk while I get you something to eat.” Thane blurted out quickly, before hurriedly walking into the kitchen where he stood at the sink, readying himself to vomit from the nerves.

But nothing was happening except the heart in the bottom of his stomach, Thane wanted to throw up, to actually have something to do than feel nervous, anxious and helpless all at the same time. To not feel terrified for Sebastian who, if he made the wrong move or said the wrong thing, could die at the hands Nyx.

“You’ve fucked this up quite a bit…” Antonio said casually as he walked into the kitchen, leaned on the counter next to Thane and took out another stick of gum. 

Thane didn’t say anything, he didn’t feel like arguing with Antonio at a time like this and he knew that his brother wanted to get a rise out of him. It was what Antonio did, and Thane didn’t want another repeat of what happened 900 years ago, who knew who would be the casualty next.

“What are they talking about?” Thane asked weakly as he poured tap water into a glass and sculled it down.

“Nothing, Nyx is just looking at him. Sebastian looks like he’s going to faint though.” Antonio laughed as his tongue moved the gum from one side of his face to the other.

Thane ignored that little remark and moved around the kitchen with bustling speed, grabbing a tiny plate, placing six biscuits and pouring two glasses of milk before heading back out to the lounge and placing them softly on the coffee table.

Sebastian smiled at him, not an encouraging smile or a ‘thank you’ smile, but a smile that pleaded for help and intervention. Sebastian could probably sense something wrong about Nyx, something that made people want to run away and yet make them want to know more about her. Thane could tell that Sebastian could feel it.

“So, Sebastian what’s your family like?” Nyx asked as she dunked a heart shaped shortbread biscuit into the milk, she said it casually but Thane could hear the robot calm in her voice, Nyx had already made up her mind that Sebastian was dangerous. All she needed now was something that would convict Sebastian.

Sebastian’s face paled at the question, and Thane could see the terrified look in Sebastian’s eyes. It was a horrible subject, but he knew that if he tried to interject and try to steer the topic away Nyx would get angry and probably kill Sebastian anyway. So all Thane could do was watch Sebastian crumble away at the question.

“… Both of my parents are dead. My mother was killed during a street robbing and my father was found dead in the attic.” Sebastian answered quietly, he was calmer than Thane had expected but Sebastian didn’t look at Nyx who was trying to give her best ‘consoling’ face.

“What did your father do?” Nyx asked immediately, she didn’t care that his parents were dead, she knew it already.

“Umm… He was an antique collector, his specialty were artefacts from medieval times.” Sebastian breathed deeply, looking at Thane expectantly before turning back to Nyx. “But he became obsessed with books two months after my mum passed away.” Sebastian ended quietly, Thane could tell that he didn’t want to talk about it anymore, everyone could see it, but Nyx instead just stared at Sebastian with clear indifference.

She didn’t care about the tragic history of Sebastian’s past; all she cared about was whether or not Sebastian knew anything about necromancy and all Thane could do is watch in silence.

“Did you ever read those books that your father bought?” Nyx finally asked, and it was that question that Thane, Antonio and Nyx wanted to be heard answered. No or yes. Death or life. 

The End

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