Something Wasn't Right Here...Mature

Sebastian parked in front of Thane's apartment and wiped his sweaty hands on his jeans. "I can do this." He muttered to himself.

He nodded in determination, took his keys out of the car ignition then hopped out of the car and strode up to Thane's front door. He raised his fist to knock but paused half way and bit his lip.

Could he do this? Did he really have it in himself to ask the questions that he wanted to ask? More importantly, did he have the courage to actually knock on Thane's front door. Sebastian took another deep breath and went to knock. But before his fist touched the door it was wrenched open and Thane stood there breathing heavily.
"Sebastian, come on in." Thane said and ushered him inside. Sebastian stepped inside and saw the various things scattered about.

He sucked in a deep breath and clenched his hands tightly together and worked furiously to control his breathing. He somehow found the strength to look past the slight mess and meet Thane's gaze.
Thane looked at him with a tinge of guilt in his eyes. At first Sebastian thought he just seeing things but there was definately a look of guilt in his eyes.
"Let me lead you into the lounge area." Thane said softly and held out his arm for Sebastian to walk on through.

Somewhat reluctantly, Sebastian shuffled into the lounge and froze in his tracks.
Before him was more things scattered about, it wasn't messy it was just...unorderly. Dust covered tabletops and the shelves and coated various objects. Sebastian's eyes bugged out of his head when he spotted the skull that sat in the lounge. He swallowed audibly and backed up.

He jumped when his back made contact with the wall that was behind him. He took small shallow breaths and finally noticed that a woman stood in the middle of the lounge, watching him with a raised brow.

Thane stepped up next to him and gestured to the woman.
"Sebastian this is mother...Ava Night." Thane said softly. Sebastian gave her a small smile and looked away from her.
Sebastian swallowed again and flicked his gaze back to Thane's mum then away again. He shuddered and couldn't help but feel that by the way she looked at him, it was as if she knew him. Knew his every little secret and desire.

He bit his lip and cleared his throat.
"It's-it's nice to me-meet you." He stutterd nervously. He shoved his shaking hands in his pockets and finally took notice that Antonio also stood in the lounge, in the far right corner. Sebastian winced at the look of...anger on his face.

He now had the sudden feeling that something wasn't right here.

The End

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