A Deal with NyxMature

Thane stood in front of the huge fireplace, sleek black stone framed the bright orange flames and his eyes gazed into them, lulled by the fire’s dance upon the wood. He heard Nyx come back up from the basement, where Roy was now being kept, and sat on the large white couch behind him. Turning around he faced Nyx, she didn’t look old; perhaps only six years his senior. But her power intimidated Thane, he was terrified of Nyx but he wouldn’t show it to her, ever.

“Why don’t you just tell Roy the truth?” Thane asked after a long silence, he could see Nyx roll her eyes lazily and laugh quietly at the question.

“And run the risk of him killing a god?” Nyx asked incredulously, she gave Thane a condescending look before getting up from the couch and walking to Thane, stopping just in front him so they were only inches away.

“I’m sorry,” Nyx apologised as she brushed back Thane’s hair, she hadn’t noticed that he instinctively flinched at her touch. “But I’d rather have your brother be harmless on drugs than make him dangerous because of the truth. If he found out that ambrosia is a God’s heart I don’t doubt Roy would ever hesitate in killing a member of our kin.”

“But no one can kill a God.” Thane argued, just before they heard the screams of Roy asking to be let out of the basement quietly filled the house. Nyx cocked her head to the side at the remark, her long midnight hair swaying from the motion.

“True, but there is a weapon that can,” her eyes flickered to a small wooden box on the mantle for a second, “and if Roy ever gets a hold of it then he would become very dangerous and then I would have no choice but to kill him.” Nyx said frankly, lightly fingering one of the silver buttons on Thane’s shirt. He tried not to notice how incredibly cold her hands were as her fingers tips lightly brushed against his shirt.

But he couldn’t argue against her, she made a good point, if Roy ever found out that the “fruit of the God’s” was in fact a God’s heart then his thirst for knowledge and his obsession finding it would outweigh whatever sanity he had left. Roy would kill a God for their heart.

Noticing his silence Nyx smiled at him before walking back to the couch and sitting down, crossing her legs and extending her arms over the head of the couch.

“So… What do you want?” Nyx asked blatantly, she didn’t bother with human modesty or care about being rude. She was a god after all, and the creator of the universe.

“I want the power of ‘death by touch’ to be erased from me.” Thane declared, he hid the fear from his voice well enough, but he knew that Nyx could see passed the bravado.

“You’ve grown quite headstrong lately, why the sudden change?” Laughed Nyx, it was a laugh that echoed deep within Thane, like when one can feel the bass beating on a stereo. But it was hollow, it held little sincerity.

Thane was silent; he couldn’t tell her the truth. If he told her that he wanted the power to be erased from him because he wanted to at least touch Sebastian, a human, then he had no doubt in his mind that she would bring on another Ice Age just to punish him for even suggesting it.

“Who told you?” Nyx asked, knowing that Thane knew that the power of ‘death by touch’ was a power that she gave him for punishment for killing her son.

“Antonio.” He simply replied, eliciting Nyx to chuckle and shake her head. Silence enveloped the both of them, but Thane felt the tension, he knew that Nyx was building suspension, any moment now and she was going to ask him a question or make a statement that required an answer of confirmation.

“You’re in love with a human, aren’t you?” Nyx asked seriously, her face set like a stone.

“His name is Sebastian Philippe,” Thane stated hoping that Nyx would recognise the name so he wouldn’t have to say it out loud, but Nyx didn’t showed any sign that the name meant something to her. “He’s the son of Alexander Philippe.”

Instantly Thane was pushed against the wall by Nyx, the back of his head hitting the wall behind him making grey stars appear in front his eyes. And before he could protect himself Nyx had already grabbed at his throat, pushing him up the wall so his feet dangled a meter off the ground. He could feel her fingers wrapping themselves tighter around his neck, straining how much air he could breathe into his lungs. Thane knew that Nyx couldn’t actually kill him with her bare hands, but nonetheless the fear of it took him, he tried to scream for help, he tried to claw her hands free from him but to no avail.

“YOU IDIOT!” Nyx bellowed, her dark purple eyes grew darker, and her skin suddenly changed to be as black as the night sky, even though the tears blurred his vision Thane could still see faint glimmers of white stars appear on her now entirely black skin.

Nyx was changing into her true form.

“S-Seb,” Thane gasped for breath, “he-he-he doesn’t know anything,” he said, whilst gasping desperately for air, tears now streaked down his face, “nothing, nothing.”

Instantly Nyx dropped him as easily as if he were a doll and Thane gaped like a fish as he desperately filled his lungs with precious air, his hands shook violently he tried to get up from the floor, but instead doubled over in pain as Nyx kicked him repeatedly in the stomach.

“I SHOULD KILL YOU!” Nyx shouted at him before slapping Thane with the back of her hand, the force of it powerful enough to fall completely on the floor.

It took nearly all of Thane’s strength to just hold out his hand in front him and curl into the foetal position, he was weeping now, like a child in cold fear.

“Sebastian doesn’t know anything about his father,” Thane explained desperately, “he doesn’t know anything, Nyx, nothing. I just wanted the power to go so I could at least touch him… I will do anything that you want, please Nyx, just take that power away and I will do anything, anything that you want.” Thane pleaded, his voice was hoarse and the bruises along his neck were already showing.

But thankfully Nyx calmed, her true form (as what every God had) slowly disappearing to reveal the tall and slender beauty that greeted Thane at the door.  “Really, you’d do anything?” Asked Nyx, reverting back to her calm demeanour, it was frightening to realise how easily her mood swung from one extreme to the next.  

“Anything, I will do whatever you want.” Thane confirmed seriously as he got up from the floor.

“I want to meet Sebastian, tonight” Thane wanted to protest but thought better than to argue with her now, “if I find that he truly knows nothing about his father’s… morbid hobby, then I will take away the power. But if I find him insincere and that he is lying to me then I will kill him and half a billion people along with him. Do you understand?”

Thane nodded stiffly and at that Nyx smiled, a true smile of satisfaction, and holding out her hand – which Thane took with shaking hands – lead Thane out the door and disappeared from the world. 

The End

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