Taking ChargeMature

Sebastian watched as Cole flirted with the male at the counter in their favourite coffee shop and waited for the hurt and rejection to stab at hs chest...
But it didn't come. He couldn't help but feel surprised that the sight of Cole with another male didn't upset him in anyway... in fact it didn't do a thing. He felt nothing. No joy or sorrow, depression or hope. For once in Sebastian's life, he was nonchalant.

He sat back in his seat and slowly grinned. "I feel nothing." He whispered to himself. His grin widened as he picked up his coffee and sipped from it.

After a few more minutes Cole sauntered back over to where Sebastian sat and held up a piece of paper.
"Got his number." Cole informed him and tucked it into his jacket pocket. Sebastian nodded and put his coffee down.
"That's great. What's his name?" Cole frowned at the question but answered anyway.
"Randy." Cole said softly. Sebastian nodded.
Cole cocked his head to the side and studied Sebastian curiously.

"Bas, are you okay?" Cole asked him. Was he okay? Sebastian asked himself. Yes, he realized, he was okay.
"I'm okay." Sebastian said to Cole with a small smile. Cole's frown deepened as he leant back in his chair and regarded Sebastian in suspicion.
"Are you sure?" Sebastian rolled his eyes and folds his arms across his chest.
"Yes Cole, I'm sure. I'm okay." He said in exhasperation. Cole just held his hands up in a defensive gesture.
"I was only asking..." He mutters.
Sebastian ignored Cole's coment.

If he was able to feel nonchalant about Cole flirting with another guy in front of him, then he was able to face Thane. He had so many things that he wanted to ask Thane, things that he wasn't so sure Thane would want to answer. Nerves started to return to Sebastian, gripping him within a tight grasp.
Sebastian shook his head.
No, it was time for him to take charge of something. To let himslef lead not be led by his fear and OCD. And he was going to do that, today; now.

Sebastian stood up with determination pulsing through him. Sebastian didn't know where the newfound determination had come from but he wasn't going to stick around to question it.

"I have to go." He said to Cole.
Cole opened his mouth to say something but Sebastian places money on the table and walked away before Cole could say anything or more importantly before he lost his nerve and hid in his apartment again.
Sebastian got into his car and drove to Thane's apartment.
He wanted his questions answered, and he was taking charge and going to get said answers.
Sebastian's grin returned as he stopped at a red light.

The End

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