To Impress DeathMature

Victoria watched as Thane walked down the street, maybe to buy some smokes or to grab a pint at the pub or even – to Victoria’s dismay – to the other man. But she didn’t follow him, instead she waited across the street, staring at his apartment before a familiar man, who looked just like Thane, stepped out to the street and caught a taxi. She had seen the man only once before, at the nightclub that Thane went to a few nights ago and figured that he was either a douchebag of a roommate or a brother. Victoria had the gut feeling that he was Thane’s brother.

Making sure that neither of them would be back for a while Victoria ran across the street and into an alleyway between Thane’s apartment and another building, she had scoured the place for another entry two days ago, planning the best and quickest way to enter and exit the apartment without anyone noticing.

Climbing onto two bins that were perfectly stacked Victoria pushed open the unlocked bathroom window, it was a tight squeeze but Victoria managed to land carefully on the grey tiles without much of a hassle. Her heart quickened and her palms became slick with sweat as she realised that she was finally in Thane’s apartment. Her fingertips suddenly felt like pins and needles as she imagined Thane taking a shower, and wrapping his body with one of the royal blue towels that hung haphazardly on the rack. Grabbing one of the towels in her hands she pressed it against her face, breathing in the soft lingering scent of vanilla and soap, it was beautiful.

With a serene smile on her face Victoria opened the bathroom door and walked out towards the lounge room. It was a little messy; coffee stains covered the wooden coffee table, empty packets of cigarettes were strewn across the floor and scrunched up gum wrappings were thrown across the room. Victoria even giggled a little at the sight of what was obviously a plastic skull, perhaps Thane was a fan of the play Hamlet. She smiled at the lounge room, reassuring herself that Thane was human and wasn’t some God like creature. He had flaws.

Stepping lightly, as not to disturb anything too much, Victoria went straight to the bookshelf and studied its contents. There were hundreds of books ranging from all sorts of genres, but the only books that caught her eye were a few leather bound untitled books, five to be exact, they looked incredibly old and so Victoria handled one of them like she was carrying a baby bird and opened to its first page. In glistening gold letters were the words…

“Imperium Mortis.”

Victoria of course had no idea what those words meant, so she skipped through them and opened the book to a random page where a large picture of a star – or a pentagram – covered the page and underneath it was a paragraph of Latin, printed in almost grey ink.

So, Thane knew how to read Latin?

Grinning, Victoria grabbed the other four books and held them in her arms, she was sure that Thane wouldn’t notice, she had been watching him for weeks now and he still hadn’t noticed her yet. Victoria wanted to impress him, she was going to learn Latin for Thane, she was going to show him how dedicated she was to him. 

“What are you doing?” came a sharp and theatrical voice from out of nowhere, Victoria yelped and nearly dropped the books as she spun around to meet the body to the voice…. But no one was there.

Victoria eyed the apartment carefully, her stomach tied itself in knots at the very prospect of being caught in Thane’s apartment now came back to the forefront of her mind. She was terrified, and the only thing that Victoria thought of doing and in fact did was head towards the bathroom again to make a quick escape. She had probably been here too long anyway.

“Where are you going? You can’t take those!” the voice shouted, but it didn’t seem to follow her as Victoria closed the bathroom door and climbed back out of the window with the stolen books in her arms. 

The End

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