Just...Don't Know What To Do Anymore.Mature

Sebastian sat on the seat in front of his window and gazed out the dark night sky.
At the moment he felt at ease, with no troubles weighing him down or being at the forefront of his mind.

Sebastian still felt embarassment and curious over what Thane's brother  had said in the phone call. He couldn't understand why such a gorgeous male like Thane could go so long without a lovers touch; or anyone's touch is his case. A part of Sebastian wanted to be the one to change that, but because of his OCD he wasn't sure how it would go and that thought was enough to scare him away from it.

He took a deep calming breath and strayed away from the muddled thoughts of Thane. He instead pondered what he was going to do about Cole. He and Cole were what Sebastian thought to be; on very thin ice. Their friendship was crumbling down around him and he wasn't fast enough to catch the pieces and restore them to their former diminished glory.
He cared alot about Cole, but he didn't know if he cared more about Cole than he did for Thane or if it was a balance between the two. Cole still tried to act like nothing was wrong between them, but everytime Sebastian made the mistake of making eye contact wuth Cole, he saw the distance in his eyes, the pain and the anger that he carried.
Sebastian rubbed at his chest and tried to shy away from the thoughts of Cole aswell but to no avail.

Cole is the one person Sebastian would want to do anything for; anything that didn't breach the limits his OCD held him within. Or at least he thought he did until Thane came into his life and muddied the waters on where Cole used to linger.
Sebastian didn't know what to do anymore, he wished that he had a sign. He rolled his eyes at the cliche'd thought but he had no other way.

He won't walk away, no matter how much it hurts for him to stay, he cannot find it within himself to turn his back on the two men that meant more than the world to him and simply walk away. Sebastian sighed again and tipped his head back and closed his eyes.
He just didn't know what to do anymore. Sebastian really needed that sign, and soon before he goes mad with the thoughts that raged like a thunder storm inside of  his head.

The End

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