Phone CallMature

"How'd your 'date' go?" Cole asked Sebastian as he shuffled into the kitchen for something to eat. Sebastian paused in the kitchens doorway and looked at the place where he and Thane had danced the previous night. He cleared his throat and continued to get his breakfast.

"Bas? You going to answer me or are you still not talking to me?" Cole asked as he stepped in Sebastian's path and raised his eyebrows at him in question.
Sebastian sighed and clenched his hands into fists.

"Fine, it went...fine." He said quietly with his head hung.  Cole frowned and forced his chin up with his hand. Sebastian wrenched his head away and walked out of the kitchen.

"Bas, what happend?" Cole asked him worridly. Sebastian just shook his head and gently closed his bedroom door befor Cole could enter and ask him questions that he was in no mood to answer. He sat down on his bed with a sigh and looked down at his hands. He didn't know why Thane had acted the way he did; they had shared a moment, a connection.

It was something special. Sebastian could see it in Thane's eyes as they danced, he could see them lighten as Sebastian's hands had caressed his collar.
Sebastian closed his eyes against the tears that wanted to flow down his tear stained face.

Clearing his throat, he got to his feet and went to search for his phone. Just as he picked up his jacket he realised that he had given Thane his phone to hold on to.
He sighed again and picked up his home phone and and dialed his number.

"Hello?" A males voice answered. Sebastian frowned and picked up a stress ball.
"Um, who is this?" He asked warily. The male voice paused.
"Thane's brother." Sebastian remembered the intimidating Antonio from outside the club last night.
"Oh... um, is Thane there?" Sebastian asked quietly.
Antonio chuckled. "Thane is busy at the moment. Having a shower or sulking in his bedroom." Sebastian frowned and tightened his grip on his stress ball.
"Oh, ok then." He said quietly.

Antonio cleared his throat. "He's sorry by the way... about last night."
Sebastian sat up. "He-he told you?" He asked him softly.
"Yeah... Anyway, he's just sorry for what happend and how it turned out."
Sebastian paused and frowned down at his stress ball.
"Oh... Tell him that it's okay..." He whispered.
Antonio blew out a breath.
"You do know why he pushed you away, don't you?" Antonio asked Sebastian.
"I guessed that it was because of his aversion to skin..." He said reluctantly.

Antonio laughed, causing Sebastian to raise his eyebrows.
"That, and because he hasn't been intimate in a long, long time. Years in fact." Sebastian dropped his stress ball and gaped at the phone in his hand,
"Excuse me?" He sputtered.
"Sexual frustration, Thane is rife with it. He reaaly needs to have sex with a strong dominant man Sebatian." Antonio said as he continued to chuckle.
Sebastian swallowed and wiped his suddenly clammy hands on his jeans.

"Antonio?" Sebastian paused when he heard Thane's voice come from the other side of the phone. "What're you doing? Who're you talking to?" Thane growled.
The line went dead and left Sebastian baffled and slightly confused.
"Sexual frustration?" He whispered to himself. 
But a wave of grief washed through Sebastian. He knew that he was anything but dominant.

The End

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