A Long Lasting PunishmentMature

Thane slammed the door shut behind him and as soon as he started to walk back to his apartment he regretted being that cruel to Sebastian. He was only human after all; they give into temptation and are easily fooled by sexual desire. But he was angry at Sebastian… or rather he was angry at himself, he should have seen it coming and he shouldn’t have started dancing. Thane knew that the gentleman thing to do was to go back there and apologise, but he was far too proud to do something like that, he hated apologising even if it was his own fault.

But then again Thane had told Sebastian that he had an aversion to skin.

He felt tired as he opened his unlocked apartment, it was just mental exhaustion but even God’s get headaches sometimes. Without a word to Shakespeare or Antonio, who was sitting on the couch shuffling a deck of cards, Thane went straight to the kitchen.

“How did your date go?” Shakespeare asked excitedly, but Thane didn’t answer and instead just shrugged as he popped a tablet out of its tiny plastic container.

“That kid tried kissing you, didn’t he?” Antonio asked casually, it didn’t even sound like that much of a question either, which meant that Antonio had seen it coming.

“I pushed him away.” Thane sighed before drinking a glass of water and taking out a cigarette from his pocket.

There was silence for a few moments, silence filled with tension and anticipation, until Antonio and Shakespeare started to laugh. It was quiet laughter at first, a chuckle here and there, but after a few moments of the pair quickly glancing to Thane the chuckle started to turn into laughter.

“It’s not funny.” Thane said quietly as he leaned against the wall, he didn’t want to sit next to Antonio, even if the couch was his.

“But that kid is so thin, he must’ve gone across the room.” Antonio explained amongst the bubbles of laughter that wanted to burst with each word.

Thane just stared at Antonio as his older brother laughed, he wasn’t in a good mood and just having Antonio laugh at him wasn’t making his mood any better. “Whatever,” he sighed rolling his eyes as he walked to his bedroom and slammed the door shut.

The walls were paper thin, which meant that he could still hear Antonio and Shakespeare laugh and crack jokes about how Sebastian could fly to the other side of the world with a single push from Thane. Lying on the bed he tried to push the sounds out of his mind, he just wanted some peace and for some reason Thane wished that he could sleep.

It was odd, Thane hadn’t wished for sleep since he became a God, having no need for sleep he didn’t think twice about it, but now Thane just wanted to pass the time without actually doing anything and sleep seemed to do that perfectly.

“Why did you even get into a relationship with that kid if you can’t even touch him?” Antonio asked as he burst through the door.

“You could’ve knocked first.” Thane stated, completely ignoring Antonio’s question, but he didn’t move from his bed, he felt far too lazy to actually do anything.

“Oh I’m sorry, were you going to wank off or something?” Antonio asked mockingly.

“What… No?” Thane looked at Antonio for that, it was gross to even think that Antonio thought about that “and never say that again, please.” Thane added as he laid his head back on the pillow while Antonio leaned against the door.

“Are you going to answer my question or not?” Antonio was getting angry.

“I don’t know,” Thane shrugged, throwing up his hands in the process “it gets lonely with just Shakespeare to keep me company.” Thane admitted realising as he finished the sentence how sad that must sound to Antonio.

“That’s kind of sad, Thane.” Antonio smiled as he took out a piece of gum and popped it into his mouth.

“Well that’s easy for you to say, you can have sex with people without causing them harm, hell, when people sleep with you they get better. But people die if they even touch a speck of my skin; I haven’t had sex in,”

“Ok, stop right there, it’s getting weird.” Antonio interrupted holding up palm towards Thane.

“Over two thousand years.” Thane finished making Antonio frown at him and close his eyes in disgust. But it was true enough for Thane; he felt more like a Buddhist monk rather than a strapping young God.  

“You do know why you can’t touch people, right? It’s not because you’re the God of Death, but because Mother gave that particular power to you to punish you for killing Gabriel.”

All the breath burst out of Thane at that moment, tears flooded his eyes and the hairs on his arms and neck stood on end as he listened to Antonio. He wasn’t even supposed to have this power but Nyx, the spiteful bitch, gave it to him to punish him for something that he did over two thousand years ago. 

The End

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