Just One Kiss...Mature

Sebastian grasped Thane's hand tightly and smiled at him.
Thane smiled back; Sebastian's heart leapt in his chest at the sight of his smile.
His perfect white teeth flashed, his full lips curled sensuously. Sebastian bit his lip and averted his gaze.

The soft music in the room flowed around them, seemingly encasing them within a place of perfection and peace. A place where Sebatian felt that he was comfortable and safe with just being alone with Thane.
Thane and Sebastian swayed to the music, basking within the precious moment.

He looked back at Thane and saw him looking at Sebastian with bright blue eyes. Sebastian saw something that shone with Thane's eyes, they didn't look weary or aloof. Sebastian swallowed and stepped a little closer to Thane. He watched Thane's face as he got closer to him. He tugged his hand away from Thane's and curled them into the collar of his black button down shirt. He watched Thane; waiting for him to react to Sebastian's closeness.

When Thane showed no reaction to him, Sebastian leant forward and went to press his lips against Thane's. Before Sebastian could react, Thane had reached up and wrenched his hands away and shuffled backwards.

"What're you doing?" Thane snapped at him with a sort of wild light in his eyes.
Sebastian curled his hands into fists and looked away from Thane.

"I thought you wanted to kiss me." He whispered. He ducked his head and fought the almost overwhelming urge to look back at Thane.
"You thought wrong." Thane said quietly. Sebastian flinched and fought the tears that had started to pool in his eyes.

He cleared his throat and raised his head.
"Who is Gabriel?" Sebastian asked Thane harshly. Thane frowned and took a step forward.
"What?" He asked.
Feeling rejection consume him, Sebastian tilted his chin up.
"You heard me Thane, who is Gabriel?" He snapped. Thane opened his mouth to speak but closed it and shook his head. He turned on his heel grabbed his coat and walked out of the room. With a lump in his throat Sebastian's shoulders slumped as he shuffled to his room and fell on the bed.
"What have I done?" He asked himself as the first tear slithered down his cheek. 
                                                               *    *    *

Victoria wanted to rush over to Thane and embrace him, she wanted to take that feint look of hurt and surprise from his face and make him smile.
She knew that he had just come from the home of that male named Sebastian. she had followed closely behind them when they had walked back to his home. Sebastian was stumbling all over the place, clinging to Thane like he had the right to touch him.

Victoria's lip curled in disdain. she knew that Thane was meant to be hers; she wasn't the type of person that would want to hurt another, but Thane belonged to her.
She could see it in his eyes when she had served him his pint, although he was with Sebastian at the time, she still believed that she had seen something in Thane that was interested in her. She thought nothing of Thane spending so much time with Sebastian. Males did that all the time, going out and having a beer and danicng in the club. It's all harmless and meant nothing.

Starting to panic, she pulled the packet of vanilla smokes from her pocket and inhaled the smell of them. Instantly she calmed down again and followed closely behind Thane as he trudged along the sidewalk.

The End

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