A Dance with DeathMature

The only thing that Thane hated most in the world, apart from Antonio, was Antonio making fun of his date and yes Thane had finally accepted that he was on a date with a human. But it seemed to him that his date was going to come to an abrupt end, fear almost grasped him as he realised that Antonio had enough evidence now to have him executed by none other than Nyx herself.

To interact with humans outside a God’s duties is punishable by death. That was one of the golden rules that all Gods had to abide by, even though Antonio slept with sick women it seemed that it was still in the realms of a ‘Gods duty’ because the women got better sooner or later.

It was this sort of double standards that Thane hated Nyx as much as he hated Antonio.

“He’s not at all like Gabriel though is he, Thane?” Antonio spoke as he took out a piece of gum and started to chew it.

At the sound of Gabriel’s name, the original God of Death, Thane’s stomach churned uncomfortably and his heart jerked tighter. Thane was young and foolish when he fell in love with Gabriel, it was one sided though, while Thane loved Gabriel, Gabriel loved another. It was Thane’s greatest regret that he was so irrational when he was younger, that he didn’t grieve first but instead went straight to revenge. Thane remembered vividly when he tried to kill Gabriel’s lover, a woman with thick blonde hair, but out of nowhere Gabriel stepped in front of Thane just as his knife was plunging through the air. Thane killed his first love and the God of Death in the same night.

And for some reason Antonio had the guts to mention the name in front of him.

“But this one looks as if it actually likes you.” Antonio laughed, and brought a bottle of Canadian Club and Coke to his lips.

Thane wanted to punch Antonio in his stupid face, but he couldn’t, he couldn’t even say anything to defend Sebastian and all he could do was stand in front of Antonio and look angry.

“What’s the matter Thane, are you angry at me or are you just scared?” Antonio asked Thane in a baby voice mocking him with every syllable and word.

Yet again Thane said nothing, not out of choice, but because his mind was like white noise and his tongue felt like lead. Sebastian shifted beside him, he had almost forgotten that Sebastian was there and shame suddenly took him. He must look weak in Sebastian’s eyes.

He watched Antonio as his older brother took another swig from the Canadian Club and chewed on his gum, he had a smug smile and his eyes danced like wicked lights. Antonio was enjoying this, Thane knew that, Antonio liked seeing him sweat and panic and being afraid of him.

“I thought you were supposed to be here tomorrow?” Thane asked, he cringed at how meek he sounded but he was thankful that he founded his voice again.

“I am its twelve thirty.” Antonio replied bluntly, it was the sort of smart-alecky response that annoying little brothers said.

“Well I’m sorry I thought you meant tomorrow as in a reasonable hour tomorrow and not half an hour into it.” Thane relaxed the tiniest bit, he found his voice but the fear of his brother ratting him out to Nyx still gripped him, so he wasn’t going to outright insult Antonio.

“You know, at first when Mother told me her suspicions about you being with the… rabble, I guess you could call them, I didn’t believe her. But now it seems that it’s actually true.” Antonio explained before taking another sip from the bottle and spat his gum into a nearby bin.

“Antonio, please.” Thane sort of begged he hated that he had to do it, but if he had to die he would want his last hours to be with someone who enjoyed his company and not with his brother.

Antonio stared at Thane for what seemed to be forever, his smug smile disappeared and the light in his eyes dimmed a tiny bit. It was the way Antonio finally looked at Sebastian, cracked a small smile at him before nodding and throwing his bottle in the bin that Thane realised that he and Antonio had a sort of understanding.

Without a word Antonio threw his now empty bottle in the bin and got into a sleek black car sitting next to what looked like a severely underweight woman before the car took off without a sound.

“That was your brother?” Sebastian finally spoke, his words slurred a little bit and he swayed as he walked in front of him. He couldn’t help but smile at Sebastian, his body relaxed entirely knowing that he could at least spend a couple more hours with him before going back to his own apartment.

“Come on, I’ll walk you home, you have to give me directions though, ok?” Thane asked, laughing as Sebastian nodded and linked his arm through Thanes.

The air was cool, the wind had picked up a bit and the buzz from the alcohol still lingered in Thane’s system. But he could feel himself becoming sober as he and Sebastian walked down the street, winding through shortcuts that turned out to lead nowhere, which Sebastian just drunkenly laughed off and started in a new direction. Thane smiled as he looked down at Sebastian, he liked it when Sebastian was relaxed and indifferent to other people. But he knew it was just the alcohol running through Sebastian’s veins, it was a Sebastian that would exist if he hadn’t had OCD or wasn’t so scared of people all the time.

It was sad to think how fun Sebastian would be if he was cured of his OCD and lack of self-confidence.

The pair turned a corner and Thane found himself on a familiar street, a street that he would have passed numerous times to collect souls, but it was a street that filled him with anxiety and memory. Memories that he would gladly soon forget.

He stared at the house that Sebastian was walking towards; it was a beautiful house, one that looked as if it came out of one of those home décor magazines and for a moment Thane was just marvelling in the house that Sebastian lived in his entire life.

But that moment passed as soon as he remembered that Alexander used to live there, that Sebastian’s father used to bring body parts from various humans in the middle of the night and that he killed Alexander. It was a house that he never wanted to visit again.

“Are you going to come inside or are you just going to stand there like a weirdo?” Sebastian asked, leaning against the open doorway and teetering dangerously to falling.

Before Sebastian could fall from his own drunkenness Thane quickly rushed over to him, his cologne was a pleasant mixture of jasmine, white musk and cedar. His heart skipped awkwardly as Sebastian leaned against him as the pair walked inside the house, crystal chandeliers hung from the roof, the walls were painted a royal blue and the furniture looked as if it came out of a Disney movie.

“My mother decorated the whole house; I’ve never had the heart to change it.” Sebastian slurred as Thane helped him sit at a small round table just inside the enormous kitchen.  

“Now sit there and I’ll make you something to eat.” Thane ordered as he went inside the kitchen and tried to find the drawers that had the plates and utensils before looking in the fridge for leftovers.

Music started to play as Thane was just placing the leftovers of what looked to be ratatouille on the marble counter. The sound of saxophones and violins lightly played through the lounge and to the kitchen. Frowning, Thane walked to the lounge where Sebastian swayed in the middle of room, his eyes closed and a soft smile playing on his lips.

“Come dance with me.” Sebastian whispered, but Thane could hear it as if he had said it normally.

He swallowed nervously as he walked towards Sebastian, his palms sweated and his heart twittered as if he had stepped into a play without learning the lines. But for some reason, even though his head screamed at him not to, he moved to Sebastian close enough so their chests were almost touching.

Finally, after a moment, Sebastian opened his eyes, his brows furrowed and a critical look passed over him.

“Don’t you get hot in that coat all the time?” Sebastian asked, his words still slurred but it was easy to see in how he held himself that he was sobering up now.

Thane shrugged in reply, he was still nervous about being so close to Sebastian and yet he was glad about it, he hadn’t been this close to anyone in centuries. Sebastian shook his head, chuckling as he started to shrug Thane’s coat off.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to try and touch your skin, I just want to see what sort of shirt you’re wearing underneath that coat of yours.” Sebastian explained as Thane helped him take off the coat, which was awkward, but as soon as the coat hit the couch Sebastian laced his hand through Thane’s gloved covered one.

Dancing, Thane hadn’t danced with anyone for as long as he could remember.

The End

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