A Night To Let Go And LiveMature

Sebastian checked his watch and looked around nervously as he sat in his car waiting for Thane. 
Sebastian smiled at the memory of a nervous sounding Thane calling him asking if he wanted to go out and have another pint then go out to dance with him. But as they got talking a little more and Sebastian felt as though some of his nerves were running out as he got used to talking to Thane.

Sebastian straightened when he saw Thane walking toward his car with a slow casual stroll. He wound his window and waited for Thane to stop beside the car.
He leant in and smiled at Sebastian.
"Hey." Thane said to him.  Sebastian smiled.
"H-hi." He stuttered.  Thane grinned at him and reached in the window and unlocked the car door and opened it for Sebastian. He hesitated slightly.
He wound the window back up, grabbed his phone and wallet and slowly climbed out of the car. Thane waited as he locked the car and shrugged into his coat.

"Shall we?" Thane asked with a gesture to the club. Sebastian nodded and fell in step beside him.
As they entered the club Sebastian felt the usual panic begin to bubble inside of him, he viciously fought to conceal it, but he knew that the paleness would show, his hands would start shaking again and his heartbeat will be racing inside of his chest.

He took a deep breath and stuck close to Thane as they made their way over to the bar. Sebastian noticed that Thane had avoided touching everyone, being careful to dodge the dancing patrons as they writhed along to the pulsing music.

The club was the size of a small warehouse, with flickering lights along the ceiling, a DJ booth at the very back of the club, with tables circling the dancefloor on the upper floor, a typical disco ball on the ceiling, the bar just to the right of the dance floor, and the dance floor in the very middle of the club.

Sebastian stopped at the bar and avoided touching the bar surface and leant closer to the bartender.
"A glass of whiskey." Sebastian said with a nervous smile. The bartender nodded and looked at Thane.
"Make that two." He said over the music.  They accetped their drinks and found a table that sat in a secluded corner.

Thane raised his glass and clinked it against Sebastian's.  "To a night out." Sebastian smiled and inclined his head.

Few drinks later....

Sebastian pulled Thane out on to the dance floor and started doing the sprinkler and running man. Thane laughed and joined in with him. Everyone around them eyed them critically. Sebastian and Thane didn't seem to notice nor care how the other patrons were looking at them.

A glorious buzz engulfed Sebastian as he danced next to Thane, he felt like he could touch anything, go anywhere talk to anyone. Whether it was from the amount of drinks he had consumed or by just being in the company of Thane, he wasn't sure.
He couldn't remember the last time that he was able to have fun without being constantly worried, or afriad.

He was having a great time with Thane, and he was sure that Thane was having just as much fun as he.
He smiled back at Thane and giggled.  Thane leaned in close to Sebastian.
"Want to grab some freash air?" He shouted over the pulsing music. Sebastian nodded and linked his arm through Thane's.

Thane seemed to hesitate but smiled at Sebastian and lead them outside.  Sebastian stumbled and giggled. He held on tighter to Thane when he started to lose his footing.  Thane suddenly stopped; causing  Sebastian to stumble even more. He righted himself and looked up to see what had caused Thane to pause.

Before them stood a tall, well muscled male, wearing a coal black suit. His blue eyes were indentical to Thane's yet seemed brighter; more alive. His dark brown hair was well combed, with a stubble covered jaw and strong features, he reminded Sebastian of Thane.

"So this is the human that Nyx mentioned." He drawled to Thane.  Sebastian winced at the abrupt sound of his deep baritone.
"Sebastian this is my older brother Antonio." Thane said after a moment of silence.

Feeling his buzz starting to wear off, Sebastian flashed him a nervous smile and started to move behind Thane.  Antonio watched him intently then looked back at Thane.
"You sure do like the defected ones, dont'you little brother?" Antonio drawled. Sebastian winced and edged behind Thane more.  Thane's back tensed as his hands clenched into fists.
"What're you doing here Antonio?" Thane asked him.
Sebastian; now feeling strangely sober all of a sudden felt as if he were in a very bad place, at the wrong time.

The End

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