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Thane wanted to die as he stared at his older brother, Antonio, who was leaning against the fireplace and chewing on gum. Thane hated having his brother in the same room as him for five minutes, but to have him live here for an undetermined amount of time? Thane was going to end up trying and kill himself and Antonio.

What was Nyx even thinking? Why did she think he needed Antonio to keep an eye on him?

“Did Nyx give you a reason as to why she wanted you to keep an eye on me?” Thane asked trying to keep his voice levelled and calm, but inside he was buzzing with anger.

Antonio took out the gum in his mouth and placed it on top of Shakespeare’s head, before wiping his saliva on his suit pants and looking up to meet Thane’s stare.

“I told you, she thinks you’re having relations with a human…” Antonio recited as he took out another stick of gum, it was obvious that Antonio was hiding something and not telling him the full reason as to why Nix was doing this to him.

“That can’t be all of it, if that was just the reason you would’ve just come here to warn me, not to keep an eye on me.” Thane debated as he inhaled some of the vanilla smoke.

“Well, she also thinks that you might be considering turning back into a human and she wants me to keep an eye on you just to make sure you won’t try it.” Antonio explained as he continued to chew on the peppermint flavoured gum.

Thane didn’t know what to say to that because in all seriousness it was what he was thinking, but they weren’t serious thoughts; he knew that it would be impossible for him to turn back into a human and the only way to do so was to ask Nyx but she would never do something that nice for him.

But then again Antonio just implied that there were other ways to become a human besides asking Nyx.

“Well, you can’t stay here.” Thane stated as he grabbed his coffee and took a sip of the now luke warm liquid. He frowned at the taste but still drank a mouthful of it.

“You have a spare bedroom.” Antonio replied smartly as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let you stay here.” Thane rebutted before inhaling his cigarette and exhaling the milky white smoke in the air above him.

“But you will let me stay here because if not Mother is going to be very angry and you do remember what happened the last time she got angry, don’t you?” Antonio smiled as he walked across the room and started to rummage through Thane’s book collection.

Thane remembered the last time when Nyx got angry at something that Thane had done, he remembered when he had left a man to linger on life a little too long and as a result the people of a large Italian city could see him as the God of Death. The people of Pompeii didn’t have a chance against the volcano that erupted ash, fire and smoke from its mouth but Thane felt every citizen die in suffocating darkness. Pompeii was the result of Nyx teaching Thane the lesson of subtlety. 

Thane sighed in resignation as he sat down on the couch, his heart plummeted to the bottom of his stomach as he realised the repercussions that would happen to the world if Nyx ever found out that he was talking to humans who were very much alive. He knew he was being selfish wanting to see Sebastian, a city could collapse as the result of Nyx’s fury, but he wanted to have someone to talk to other than a skull and his brother.

“Thanks Dante, I’ll be back tomorrow with all my stuff.” Antonio stated, a smug smile appeared on his face before he faded completely leaving Thane alone in the apartment once again.

Thane instantly relaxed as soon as Antonio left the apartment, he could feel the anger and tension instantly lift but the sadness of reality lingered closely.

“Your brother is a twat, Thane and could you please get this gum off my head?” Shakespeare asked as Thane got up from the couch, walked to the kitchen and got a piece of paper towel.

Thane couldn’t help but laugh at Shakespeare, he was glad to at least have someone who disliked Antonio as much as he did and Shakespeare always thought Antonio was a little too arrogant to be the God of Life.

Thane silently picked the gum off with the paper towel and threw it in the bin whilst Shakespeare said his thanks.

“Is he really going to stay here?” Shakespeare asked as Thane sat back down on the couch and stared at the card that had Sebastian’s number on it.

“He’s coming back tomorrow, but yes, he’s going to stay here.” Thane answered quietly his voice a little distant because his focus was centred on Sebastian and the predicament that followed with it.

“And all because this, Nyx woman says so?” Thane forgot that Shakespeare had not heard of Nyx before today and he also hadn’t met Thane’s brothers either. He had kept his family secret from Shakespeare, who was perhaps his oldest friend in the world.

“Nyx is the goddess of Night and is one of the creators of the universe… I, being the God of Death, makes me her son… not in blood of course, but of kin, which means I am sworn to her. I have to do everything she says or she has the right to execute me. Nyx is one of the primary gods, far more powerful than Zeus; she could make any God destroy a whole civilisation. Atlantis for instance was swallowed by the sea when I accidentally killed her son.”  

Thane explained slowly, he could tell that Shakespeare was trying to understand it all and when realisation kicked in the skull seemed to nod in understanding. If Thane wanted to hang out with Sebastian he would risk a whole city to be obliterated out of existence.

“You should see Sebastian tonight then.” Shakespeare suddenly said as if nothing that Thane had told him even registered in his head.

“I just told you that Nyx could destroy a whole city if I chose to see Sebastian ever again.” Thane repeated himself confused and angry that the explanation wasn’t enough for the dim witted playwright. How anyone thought that Shakespeare was a genius was a complete idiot.

“But that’s only if Antonio’s around and what I heard from your conversation with him is that he likes to have sex with sick women to make them feel better. He probably won’t even hang around with you for very long before he starts looking for a sick woman, so you could just see Sebastian when Antonio goes out.”

The idiot skull had a point. Smiling to himself Thane picked up the phone and dialled Sebastian’s phone number, his heart hammered against his chest as he realised that he was going to defy the wishes of Nyx, a goddess that destroyed both Atlantis and Pompeii. 

Author's Note

Skyrim is a beast of a game. So I'm sorry that my chapter is a little lacking in entertainment and writing skill. But I must kill Dragons and collect their souls! 

The End

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