A Life Outside Of RealityMature

"Look Bas, I'm sorry okay? Can you please let me in?" Cole asked from the other side of Sebastian's locked bedroom door.

Sebastian shook his head, knowing that Cole couldn't see him, but he didn't speak up.
He turned his attention back to his Sim's and felt himself start to slowly relax when he concentrated on the game more.

"Sebastian I know that you can hear me, and I know that you're on that stupid game of yours." Cole growled through the door. Sebastian ignored him and frowned at the screen of his TV.

 Enter Your Sims Name: Thane Smith. Sebastian frowned at the name.

 Maybe he should choose a different name... He thought. What if Thane somehow finds out that Sebastian had created a Sim of him? Sebastian asked himself worriedly.

"Sebastian open this bloody door!" Cole shouted from outside the bedroom door. He pounded on it a couple of times before sighing.

"Bas please, I know I shouldn't have just shown up like that, can you please just come out and talk to me?" Cole pleaded.

 Sebastian continued to ignore Cole and continued on with creating the Sim of Thane. He had to get the hair right, the eyes, build and clothing style.

Once he was sure he had that right, he created the Sim of himself and Cole.

Sebastian knew that in reality he would never have the two of them in the same room together by choice. Cole hated Thane and Sebastian had no idea why.

But he managed to find a way to have the both of them in his life without repercussions.

 Sebastian smiled at the small Sim family. He could talk to Thane without being nervous, Thane could touch his bare hand without his gloves on, and Cole could learn to like Thane, just as Sebastian had quickly done.

Sebastian had a way to live the life he's always wanted to live; he was living a life outside of reality.

                                                                          *     *     *

 Sebastian stood staring out of his window. Watching as everyone lived their lives with so much freedom. Living without the fear of messy things, or things that are out of order. Without the knowledge of what could trigger a panic attack, how long it can go on for and the amount of fear that consumes him.

He snapped out of his thoughts and watched in envy as a couple strode down the street hand in hand.

He lost count of how many times he could do that, be so trusting with his partner that he could just take a casual stroll down the street and enjoy the moment.
He used to yearn to do that with Cole, but he was too scared and Cole too ashamed to be seen with him.

Sebastian put a hand over his chest and rubbed the pain away that cut through him so abruptly.
His obsessive love for Cole could very well be the death of him.

The End

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