It had been two days since Thane had seen Sebastian and over those two days Thane had done nothing but stare at Sebastian’s number, he was afraid of what Sebastian was going to say or not going to say. He knew that they didn’t have a great time, they hardly talked and he was sure Sebastian looked uncomfortable for the whole thing but still, it had been a while since Thane had ever made an actual effort to get to know a human. He had hoped that he could still connect with them other than on the level of death, but talking to Sebastian it was clear that he needed practice and it depressed him to know that little fact. Plus, there was the small matter of Cole, which was obvious that Sebastian was still in love with the jerk and just thinking about it made Thane have a sudden rush of anger that made his hands curl into fists. But the anger was quickly replaced by a sudden infliction of guilt and dread; the guilt came from the fact that he had reacted hastily towards a drunken person and the dread came from the possibility that Sebastian now hated him for nearly beating up his ex-boyfriend.  

He grimaced in pain, just thinking about how complex and irrational humans were was making his head hurt, so to remedy the headache Thane took out one of his vanilla cigarettes, lit it up and took a long drag from it.

“Tell me again why you smoke that crap?” Thane coughed in surprise, nearly choking on the smoke, and looked up to where the voice had come from. The voice was not from Shakespeare, it had a distinct South African accent, which meant that the voice could only belong to one person.

Looking towards the fireplace Antonio stood there next to Shakespeare resting his hand on the skulls head as he looked at Thane with a look of disapproval. Antonio was the spitting image of Thane, apart from the short, slicked back brown hair, forest green eyes and being an inch shorter, if someone were to look at them together they would think they were twins.

But they were far from it.

Their choice of clothes was one example in which someone could see the clear differences between them, while Thane wore coats and jeans; Antonio wore tailored suits that were made by designers with strange and oddly catchy names.

Antonio and Thane were brothers by blood, but their sibling rivalry had forced them to keep out of touch for centuries so it was only surprise and suspicion that made Thane narrow his eyes at his brother.

“Why are you here?” Thane asked harshly, tapping the ash from his cigarette into the tray, while Antonio just smiled and ran a finger over the top of the fireplace.

“Can’t I see how my little brother is doing?” Antonio replied quickly, he frowned as he rubbed the dust from his fingers with his thumb before he walked in front of the coffee table and looked down at Thane.

“We haven’t spoken in nearly nine hundred years, so why are you here?” Thane asked again, his voice was deadpan - a habit that Antonio despised – and he leaned back on his couch, crossing his legs while taking another drag from his cigarette.

He watched as his older brother bit the inside of his lips; Antonio wasn’t the greatest at sarcasm or arguing for that matter, so he took a while to rebuttal any sort of reply.

“Roy’s gone missing.” Antonio said flatly. Thane wasn’t at all surprised by this news, his youngest brother, Roy, was always getting himself into trouble or getting himself addicted to things he thought were ‘ambrosia.’

“I thought he was supposed to be in Switzerland with Nyx.” Thane tapped another round of ash into the tray as Antonio bit the inside of his lips in anger.

“That’s Mother to you, Dante.” Antonio corrected, emphasizing on the name.

“I thought I told you that my name is Thane and she’s not my Mother and neither is she yours for that matter.” Thane got up then, he hated it when anyone called him Dante, he hated that name, that name wasn’t him anymore and he’d be damned if anyone called him that again.

“Right, Thane, because that doesn’t sound egotistical at all and I guess she just likes me more.”

“I bet she would.” Thane replied, giving a tried smile before he moved towards the kitchen for some coffee.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Antonio asked in an accusing tone, following Thane to the kitchen.

“Look, are you here to tell me why Roy has gone missing or are you just here to fight with me?” Thane queried as he poured a cup of coffee for himself and pushed through Antonio to get back to the lounge room.

There was silence for a few moments, no doubt Antonio was biting the inside of his lips again deciding whether to talk about Roy or resume asking what Thane meant by what he said.

“Roy was staying with Mother because he got addicted to ice, so he was with her to get over the addiction. One day she left him to go make tea and when she came back he was gone, left a note saying he needed to find the ‘fruit for gods.’ I don’t understand why he can’t just leave that stupid story alone.” Antonio explained, throwing his hands up in frustration and anger as he told Thane about Roy, the wayward brother.

Thane felt sorry for Roy, ever since Thane and Antonio had that fight 900 years ago Roy hadn’t been the same since, he was now obsessed with trying to find the fruit ambrosia and he spent the most of nine centuries being led to believe that a particular drug could be legendary fruit. Roy’s biggest problem was his thirst for knowledge and the ambrosia fruit was said to hold the knowledge of the universe.

“He’s not a child anymore, Antonio, just let him make his own decisions for once.” Thane advised taking a sip from his coffee and placing it down on the table in front of him. He would usually have another cigarette but he didn’t want to give Antonio another opportunity to fight with him again.

“Ah yes, because you’re the perfect example of letting a child make decisions.” Antonio layered the sarcasm in his voice.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Thane asked, he knew where this was going, every time he and Antonio see each other they always reverted back to one subject.

“Well, I remember once you supposedly claimed that you were a man and that you could make your own decisions. But it just turned out that you were a jealous child, a jealous, irrational child. And look where your decisions brought us.”

“That wasn’t my fault; I didn’t know he was the God of Death.” Thane defended as he got up from the couch and stared squarely at Antonio.

“Who was the one that plunged the knife into his chest? Who was the one that crept into his room in the middle of the night?” Antonio accused, pointing his finger at Thane.

“I didn’t mean to kill him!” Thane shouted, he could feel his skin prickling with uncomfortable heat as he thought about that night, it was a mistake, he knew that now, but he hated it when Antonio kept bringing it up.

“Because trying to assassinate the woman that the God of Death is in love is any better?” Antonio laughed mockingly.

“No, but I was young and foolish… if I knew he was the God of Death I wouldn’t have tried…” Thane tried to explain, but Antonio just shook his head and rolled his eyes.

“It doesn’t matter if he was the God of Death or not, you should have listened to me, but you never do and now look where we are.” Antonio snapped interrupting Thane’s explanation.

“I know! I know that now ok? How many times do you want me to say sorry? Or do you still hate me for taking Elysia’s and Salai’s souls?” Thane asked, almost shouting the question at Antonio.

“How dare you speak of them, how dare you even say their names! They were my family and you took them away from me!” Antonio shouted, his eyes almost glistening with tears.

“They were old, Antonio, Salai was a grandfather and Elysia just got sick. I didn’t kill them, time did and I was just the one that took their souls.” Thane explained, his voice was weak now, tired from shouting and trying to explain himself.

“I will never forgive you for what you did.” Antonio said softly, before closing his eyes and sighing loudly.

There was silence for a few moments, before it seemed that Antonio realised why he had even come here to Thane’s apartment in the first place.

“Mother’s denizens are looking for Roy and they’ll find him soon enough I guess.” Antonio sighed as he took out a stick of gum from his pocket.

“Then why are you even here if they’re already looking for him?” Thane asked angrily “Why the hell did you even come here then?”

“Mother has been worried about you, she hasn’t heard from you in a while and she thinks you’re having relations with a human.” Antonio explained, reverting himself back to his pretentious and lordly self as he chewed on the peppermint gum.

“I’m not having relations with a human and besides you have ‘relations’ with sick women all the time.” Thane accused, he couldn’t believe he was hearing this, what did Nyx think he was going to do?

“Yes, but they all get better in the end, so in reality I’m actually doing them a favour.” Antonio smiled as he leaned back on the fireplace.

“That’s sick… and you say Roy is insane.” Thane remarked taking out another of his cigarettes and lighting it up.

“Yes well, you’re going to think Mother is insane when you hear this.” Antonio said, a mischievous smile appearing on his face. Thane cocked one of his eyebrows; it was a sign for Antonio to go on.

 “I am to stay here and keep an eye on you.” 

The End

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