A World Wary SoulMature

Sebastian sighed and placed his keys on the hook and shuffled into his bathroom.
He stopped at the mirror and saw that his eyes were red and puffy from crying, his nose was also red and his skin looked sunken and pale.
Sighing, he turned away from the mirror and turned the shower on. He shucked his sodden clothing and quickly washed up.

Feeling re-freshed, he walked back into the kitchen and made a steaming cup of soup and sat steering into the mug.
Thoughts of Cole and Thane popped into his head. Sebastian's love for Cole was still as strong as he's ever known. But there was something about Thane that caressesd his soul, it soothed Sebastian. It made him feel like he was a wounded animal that finally had the opportunity to heal.
Sebastian couldn't comprhend how he felt that way, and what it was about Thane that spoke to him.

He thought maybe it was his aversion to germs and human contact that had drawn Sebastian to Thane, or maybe it was the sheer beauty that Thane beholds. His face, so flawless and masculine. But his eyes were old, very old. The eyes of a man that's seen many things and never recovered from them.

Sebastian jumped when the sound of juggling keys sounded from outside of his door. He jumped up and ran over to peer through the eye hole.
Cole stood outside the door struggling to get the keys into the lock. Sebastian opened the door and stared out at the drunken Cole.
Cole paused and looked at Sebastian.
"Hey Bas." He drawled as he stumbled to the side.
He giggled and burped. Sebastian eyed him and saw the dirt and rips in his clothing. Sebastian slammed the door shut and leant against it. He took a deep breath and rushed to get Cole's robe.
He opened the door reluctanlty and held the robe out to him.
"Put this on." He said softly. Cole eyed the robe and scoffed.
"I'm not putting that on. Let me in Sebastian." Cole said. He started to push at the door. Sebatian panicked and slammed the door shut again.

Cole pounded on the door causing Sebastian to flinch and back away slowly.
"Sebastian! Open the door!" Cole shouted through the door.
Sebastian shook his head and retreated to his room. He closed and locked his bedroom door and crawled beneath the covers on his bed.

Sebastian hated being around Cole when he's drunk. He's messy and loud, sometimes violent. It made Sebastian's heart hurt inside of his chest.
Cole's love for him grew dimmer every day, Sebastian could see it in his eyes everytime Cole witnessed one of his panic attacks.

Hugging his pillow, Sebastian wept himself to sleep.

The End

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