The Beginning of OCDMature

Sebastian parked his car in the park that his mother used to take him to when he was younger and stared out the dark night. He could barely make out the trees, the small swing set and slide.
Thinking back to before his mother died, Sebastian felt at peace.
Oh how he missed his mother. She was such a beautiful and gentle woman. With a bright smile and the sofest hands Sebastian had ever felt. She used to read him bed tales.
But the memories of his mother were tainted, with the horried suddeness of her death.
He remembered everything, the blood, the mess.
Shivering Sebastian turned on the heat in his car and wiped away the remaining tears on his face.

10 years ago...
"Sebastian darling come on, it's time to go meet up with your father at the theature." Sebastians mum, Tara Philippe said to him as she came in his room with a smile on her face.
Sebastian's mother was a blonde haired, blue eyed 5 foot 3 beauty. She always had a smile on her face and the smell of cookies and feminine perfumes.
"I'm coming mum." The young Sebastian said to her.
She knelt down and brushed his hair back from his forehead and pressed a kiss to his cheek.
"You look just like your father." She whispered to him with tears pooling in her clear blue eyes. Sebastian grinned and tilted his head up proudly.
"Come on, we really must be going." She said as she stood and grabbed his hand.
They rushed down to where the taxi waited to take them to the theatre where Sebastian's father was presenting his recent findings whilst on a trip in India.
The taxi reached the theatre within five minutes and dropped them at the gate.
They exited the car and made the long walk up the drive way toward the theatre doors.
"Do you think dad would let me stand up on stage with him?" Sebastian asked his mother as they walked.
Her hold on his hand tightened as she smiled down at him.
"He might, I bet you'd have to ask him really nicely and be on your best behaviour." Sebastian grinned.
"I can do that!" She chuckled and looked ahead.

About thirty yards from the doors they saw a man dressed all in black come racing toward them. Tara stopped walking and oushed Sebastian behind her.
The man stopped before them.
"Give me your purse." He snapped at Tara.
Shakily Tara handed it over to him; he snatched it out of her hands and looked at Sebastian. He gestured to Sebastian.
"And the boys watch." He said.
"No!" Sebastian shouted. Tara hushed him and struggled to get the watch off of his wrist.
"Ugh you're taking too long, move." He pushed past Tara and grabbed Sebastian's arm. "Come here kid." The male growled.
Sebastian dug his heels in.
"Let go of my son!" Tara shouted and charged at him. The male stumbled as she smacked into him. His left hand made a quick motion that had Tara freeze and gurgle.
She fell backwards and landed on her rump in the driveways gravel. Sebastian raced over to her and gasped when he saw the red stain on her chest.
He fell down beside her and put his shaking hands over her wound.
"Mum, no. Mum!" He shouted as her eyes drooped and her breathing started to slow.
There was so much blood. It ran over Sebastian's hands and dribbled down the sides of tara's torso to form a puddle on the ground and soak into Sebastian's pants.
The male spun and ran down the driveway, leaving Sebastian with his bleeding mother.
"Help! Somebody help me!" Sebastian screamed past his heaving sobs, but no one could hear him. They were too far away and the noise in the theatre was too loud.
"Please don't die mum, please, please." Sebastian sobbed as he lay down and cuddled into her.
He could feel her cooling blood seep into his clothes, but he didn't care. He knew that he should get up and go find elp, but he didn't want to leave his mum, all cold and alone in the middle of the driveway.
Tara's breathing started to slow down even more as her heartbeat got feinter as precious seconds ticked by.
Sebastian buried his face into her neck and screamed and wailed. He knew that his mother was dying, and there was nothing that he could do about it.

Sebastian leant his forehead against the steering and cried softly.
His mum passed away only minutes later. It was near to one hour before someone had come out from the theatre and found Sebastian clinging to his mothers cooling body. He kicked and screamed as they pried them from her and held him back as they carted her away.
Sebastian's father screamed and fought everyone that tried to calm him down.
His father had been around less and less throughtout the next few years. Always in the basement, getting paranoid and always reading strange books. His clothes were always stained and sometimes Sebastian swore he could hear more than one person down in the basement with his father. But he never went down to check. He knew how dirty and cold it was down there, and he despised having one ounce of dirt near him.
Sebastian could still remember how the blood had felt on his hands, his precious mothers blood had coated him from head to toe as he lay in the puddle of her spilt blood.
Sebastian whimpered and dug around for anti-bacterial cream. He poured it on his hands and scrubbed them together until they turned pink from being rubbed together.
He let out a shaky breath and leant back in the seat.
He missed his mother, and when the death of his father was brought to him by the caregiver that lived with him. Sebastian cried, but he found that he had lost his father the same night his lost his mum.
Now Sebastian floats in the world, alone, scared and paranoid. Sometimes he wonders why he bothers at all, why not end it and be with his parents? He asked himself.

The End

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