Harsh Words and Soft EndingsMature

Thane made no move to chase after Sebastian; instead he put on his gloves, grabbed his semi-dry coat and quickly got up just as Cole whatever-his-name sat on the chair that Sebastian was just moments before. Thane looked at the man who looked like a young Clint Eastwood - no doubt he was the man in the car with Sebastian – and couldn’t help but feel the need to punch him squarely in the jaw. But he made no move to fight, instead Thane started to head out of the bar, he could hear the chair scraping against the floorboards behind him and suddenly he felt water splash against his back.

Thane turned around in surprise, no one had thrown a drink at him before, and watched in disbelief as Cole grabbed his Black Russian and threw the remainder of the black liquid at Thane. Vodka, it burned across his eyes like gasoline and Thane stumbled back, hitting the table behind him and sending drinks spilling on the floor.

“Hey, you two, I don’t want anyone fighting in my bar. Behave or get out!” The bartender shouted, silencing the entire bar and forcing them to stare at Thane as he wiped away the drink from his eyes.

But before Thane could even react or comprehend what was happening, a burly man with a fitted black shirt and black pants quickly took Thane and Cole by the scruff of their necks and pushed them to the exit of the Slug and Hare.

“Let go of me you bastard!” Cole shouted at the bouncer, trying to pry the man’s grip away from his shirt, but instead the bouncer just held on tighter and pushed them along faster. Thane on the other hand just allowed the man to push him along, Thane was strong, but he couldn’t be bothered trying to fight off a bouncer.

The bouncer pushed the pair outside and quickly shut the door behind him, leaving Thane and Cole out in the storm, which Thane was a little thankful for the rain to wash out the Vodka that still stung his eyes.

“You’re a prick!” Cole shouted at Thane, his voice was nearly drowned by the howling wind but Thane could still tell that Cole was drunk.

Thane made no reply and merely shook his head, he knew better than to even have verbal match against a drunk, and instead he started to look for Sebastian, hoping that he hadn’t driven away yet.

“Hey, didn’t you hear me asshole!” Cole shouted, following Thane as he looked for Sebastian, “What the hell do you want with Bas?” he shouted again. But Thane made no reply and instead just walked faster towards headlights that sat still at the corner.

Thane ignored the curses and questions that Cole spat at him, he walked faster, getting close enough so he could see Sebastian leaning his head against the wheel of the car.

“Answer me you fucking freak!” Cole shouted, before he let out a yelp as Thane spun around, grabbed Cole’s shirt and pushing him against a brick wall.

“Don’t you do dare call me a freak.” Thane spat angrily, he could feel his fists curling around Cole’s shirt and he could feel the buttons on it tearing apart from the material. Cole merely whimpered in drunken fear.

“You are nothing but a child, upset because their favourite toy maybe in the hands of someone else.” Thane could take a lot of the things being said and thrown at him, but he hated the word ‘freak.’ The sound of an engine rumbling to life brought Thane back to reality and biting the inside of his lips Thane let go of Cole, letting the man fall on the floor in a heap, before looking back to the direction of the headlights.

His heart slumped to the pit of his stomach as he faced nothing but darkness, he was too late, Sebastian had already left and Thane knew he wasn’t going to get a second chance at knowing if he had left any of Alexander’s books.

Thane gasped in pain as his heart gave an uncomfortable twist; he feel to his knees as he clutched at his chest. Images of a man being shot, a child drowning in a pool, a woman dying from cancer, a man overdosing on ice and a young man letting his blood spill on the bed, flooded his vision. Until it finally stopped and the pain disappeared as if it never happened.


Thane stood next to Samar Kohistani, blood spilled from his wrists and bloomed like a rose on the white sheets. Looking into the boy’s brown eyes Thane knew why he  was committing suicide; boys called him ‘terrorist’ and beat him because he was from Afghanistan.

“Am I going to hell for this?” Samar whispered, lingering on to life as he looked straight at Thane.

“There is no such thing as heaven and hell, but where you’re going there is no pain, suffering and prejudice; just a beach with a swift sunrise and a slow sunset.” Thane comforted Samar, before his hand hovered over Samar’s chest and slowly a translucent white butterfly fluttered out from the place where Samar’s heart would be.

The butterfly exuded warmth as it landed on Thane’s shoulder, its wings drooped in a sad way and in only a few moments it faded from the world completely. 

The End

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