"The Picture of Dorian Grey? I don't think I've heard of that one before." Sebastian said as he looked at Thane across  from him.
Thane smiled and tapped his gloved fingertip against his mug.
"It's a good read; you should read it some time." He said.

Sebastian smiled and nodded. The red-headed barmaid sailed back over to them and smiled at Thane.
"Is there anything else that I can get you?" she asked Thane with a wide smile. Thane smiled back at her and shook his head.
"No thank you." Thane said sweetly. Sebastian's smile faltered at the sight of Thane's plastered clearly on his face. Sebastian clenched his teeth together and looked away.
"Well you let me know if you need anything." The barmaid said to Thane and sauntered away with an extra swing in her hips. Sebastian ran his shaking hands through his hair. He looked back at Thane to see him taking a sip from his
"Are you going to get her number?" Sebastian asked Thane.

Thane choked on his beer. He placed the mug down and wiped at his mouth. Sebastian pulled out another wet wipe and wiped down the table again.
"Uh, no." Thane said after he finished watching Sebastian clean down the table.

Sebastian paused in the process of putting the wipe in a small bag.
"Why not?" He asked Thane quietly as he kept his face averted from him.

Thane cleared his throat. "She's just, uh not my type." He muttered.

Sebastian went to reply when he felt the draft of the door open again. He looked up and froze. Striding toward where he and Thane sat, was an angry looking Cole. Sebastian's jaw went slack as his heart picked up again.

"What the hell is this?" Cole asked when he stopped beside the table. Thane looked over at him and frowned.
"Who are you?" He asked.
Red faced, Sebastian sunk in his seat and looked down at his shaking hands. He didn't know what to do with Cole here, he wished that he the courage to stand up to Cole, to tell him that this was none of his buisness and that he had no right to just show up the way he did and demand answers that he doesn't need to know, but Sebastian was too scared that if he did do that, he'd lose Cole. He's afraid that Cole would walk away from him and leave him cold and alone.

"I'm Cole, Sebastian's best friend and ex-boyfriend and you are?" Cole quipped.
Thane raised his eyebrows and looked back and forth between him and Cole.
Sebastian started to feel the familiar panic grip at him again. Did Cole realise that he had just told Thane that he was gay? Sebastian asked himself.
Feeling his breathing quicken Sebastian felt his eyes go blurry as the sound of his pounding heart thundred inside of his ears.
"I'm Thane." He said. Cole scoffed and folded his arms over his chest.
"Is that all? Just Thane?" Cole asked him.
"Thane Smith." Cole rolled his eyes and looked at Sebastian.
"Why are you here?" He asked him. Sebastian licked his dry lips and hunkered down in his seat more.
"He doesn't have to explain himself to you, he's a fully grown man." Thane said to Cole in a slightly frustrated voice. Cole frowned at him and unfolded his arms.
"You don't know him, so but out." He snapped at Thane.
"Please stop." Sebastian whispered with tears in his eyes. They both paused and looked at him. He cringed beneath their gazes.
Sebastian slowly got to his feet. He grabbed the table for support when his shaky legs started to buckle. Cole stepped up to help him, but Sebastian just held his hand up.
"Just stop it." He whimpered. Thane frowned.
"Stop what?" He asked.
Sebastian's head started to swim and a hot flash engulfed him.
He could feel eyes on him, they were looking at him, judging him, laughing silently at how pathetic he is. They were whispering behind his back, noting every fault he had.
Without saying a word to them, Sebastian grabbed his coat, slapped money on the table and fled. He ran from the eyes that tracked his every movment. As he ran, tears of hopelesness trailed down his face and blended with the drops from the rain. No one could know that he wept as he made a franti beeline for his car, and no one would know how much Sebastian wished that all his pain and worry would just end.

                                                                           *     *     *

She watched from the other side of the bar as the male, she now knew his name to be Sebastian, ran out of the bar and into the cold night. But she didn't care about him, she only cared that Thane, now sat with the new male that had just arrived.
Oh how she loved his name, Thane Smith, as she had heard him say.
She sighed and leant against her table. "Mrs Thane Smith." She whispered to herself. It sounded so perfect to her ears.
She frowned when she saw a bar patron waving at her. Then she remembered that she had on a barmaid's outfit. Sighing she shook her head at him and continued to watch Thane.

The End

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