Silences and Awkward MomentsMature

Thane stared at Sebastian as if looking at him enough would tell him if he had ever read the necromantic books, but instead of finding the answer Thane just stared at how Sebastian looked as if the boy came out of a finishing school. Sebastian was careful with everything he did, careful not to touch anything but the glass in front of him and careful not to leave any trace of the froth from the lager that usually stuck to peoples lips. It was from this that Thane wondered how Sebastian ever became OCD, he wondered if Sebastian was born with OCD or if the illness was a result of Alexander.

His mind reminded him vaguely that Sebastian had asked him a question and quickly Thane shook his head – which might have looked like a shiver from cold – took a sip from his lager and leaned back on the chair.

“It was… good.” Thane answered a little unenthusiastically and he could see Sebastian’s face fall a little from the lack of conversation that Thane wanted to make.

“I mean, I just watched the news and did a little more of the painting that I’ve been working on, the usual stuff.” Thane explained, shrugging at the end whilst chastising his brain for ever making up that painting story.

“Oh wow, what are you painting?” Sebastian asked, obviously intrigued by the new development of conversation.

Thane had no idea what to say in reply so instead he took a long sip from his lager and finished it off, before waving to a barmaid – a young woman with dark red hair – who smiled as she walked to the table.

“Would you like another pint of lager?” She asked, smiling as she took Thane’s empty pint glass and placed it on the black plastic plate she was holding with one arm.

“A Black Russian, please.” Thane asked as he smiled up at the girl; he liked it when people smiled at him and when in a good mood he always tries to smile back at someone.

The girl nodded once, smiled at Sebastian and then walked away to take care of other customers.

“I’m painting a man drowning in wine.” Thane answered, pleased that he finally made up something that didn’t sound like he had made up a few seconds ago.

Sebastian nodded silently, looking down at his glass as if he had dropped something within it and slowly the silence crept between them. It was a silence concerning two men; one who didn’t want to talk and the other could not find any words to say.

The barmaid came to them again after a minute and handed Thane the Black Russian, her smile parted her red lips and her green eyes twinkled in the low light of the bar, “can I get you anything else?” she asked politely, looking between Thane and Sebastian.

“No thank you.” Thane simply said whilst Sebastian only glanced at her shaking his head, no, in reply before the woman simple nodded and walked back to her other duties.

Thane looked back at his Black Russian and then at Sebastian who was looking at him as if he were a great puzzle to solve, it unnerved Thane and he quickly took a sip from his drink just so he wouldn't have to sit there and do nothing. Sebastian as well did nothing but drinks his lager and look around worriedly around the bar.

It seemed as if they were sitting at the table in silence for what seemed like forever, neither of them could talk and eventually they couldn’t even look at each other without feeling awkwardness between them.

To Thane it felt as if they were on a blind date, none them knew each other very well but neither of them wanted to be the first one to actually make the effort to try. He bit the inside of his lips as he thought about what Shakespeare said about it being a “date” he hated it when the skull was even a little right about something.

No, this is strictly professional; I’m only hanging out with the kid because I want to know if he has read any of Alexander’s books. This is not a date and the reason why I’m not making conversation is because I’m trying to suss him out and not because I’m nervous…

“I need to go to the bathroom, be back in a second.” Thane blurted out quickly before practically running towards the men’s bathroom, not even caring a little if Sebastian had even understood what he said.

His stomach churned uncomfortably again as he entered one of the private toilets, his head spun, nausea moving through his head down towards his stomach. Thane knelt down at the toilet he could feel something moving.

A greenish yellow substance spilled into the toilet and he grimaced at the sickening sound of something thick splattering on water. The putrid smell enveloped Thane, he breathed through his mouth, not allowing himself to smell it and throw up again.

“Dude, are you ok?” asked someone behind the door, they were obviously drunk.

“Yeah, just ate something bad yesterday.” Thane replied meekly, he could still taste the vomit in his mouth, but he felt little better nonetheless.

“Bad luck man.” The drunken man replied before Thane could hear his feet shuffle away and out of the bathroom.

Waiting for a few moments Thane opened the door, took off his gloves and went to a sink, running the cold water under his hands before he washed the vomit out of his mouth and washed his face in the process. He looked at himself in the mirror, he still looked the same, albeit, a little sicker than usual but in the dim light of the bar no one would even notice.

Thane closed his eyes as his mind went back to Sebastian, all he wanted to do was get to know him so he could see if Sebastian was like Alexander, but managing to hold a conversation with him was harder than he thought. He never talked to humans, he didn’t follow their trends or beliefs and he certainly didn’t care about which country is at war and yet now Thane wished that he did at least know about some things that the humans got into.

Thane shook his head at himself and chuckled at how stupid and silly he was for even being nervous about sitting at a table with Sebastian. He was the God of Death; if anyone should be nervous it should be everyone in the whole bar.

Straightening himself and making sure he looked neat Thane went out to the bar again and towards Sebastian who was looking outside and leaning his head against his hands.

Silently Thane sat back down at the table, making Sebastian jump a little before realising that it was just Thane.

“What’s your favourite book?” Thane asked before taking another sip from his Black Russian and smiling at Sebastian, who looked up at him and smiled back.

“The Book Thief, I never get tired reading it.” Sebastian replied, taking another sip of lager and relaxing a little more in his chair.

“Is that the one where Death is the narrator?” Thane had read the book before, he liked the idea of Death being a narrator and he liked the poems that came with it. But Thane’s own experience of World War Two made him unsympathetic to plight of man, it was that whole war that made Thane nearly hate humans.

“Yeah, I really liked Death as a character.” Thane couldn’t help but laugh at that, everything about this situation was filled with irony.

“What’s your favourite book?” Sebastian asked taking another sip from his lager.

“The Picture of Dorian Gray… I just like the idea of a soul being trapped inside a painting, plus Oscar Wilde is one of my favourite authors.” Thane explained, remembering the day when he visited the author on his death bed. It was sad, but Thane couldn’t help but be excited that he finally got to meet his favourite author.

The End

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