It's A Date.Mature

Sebastian sat at the same table that he and Thane had sat at the last time that they were here, and waited for Thane to arrive.
To pass the time he pulled a wet wipe from his pocket and started scrubbing the table down with vigour.
Feeling a sudden breeze on his face, he looked up and saw the door to the Slug And Hare open and reveal a near soaking wet Thane.

His tall frame lingered in the door way a moment longer before he spotted Sebastian and started toward him with a small smile on his face. Sebastian stopped scrubbing the table and just watched as Thane came closer to the table.
His dark blue eyes seemed to almost glow in the low light of the bar and his dark blonde hair looked expertly mussed and looked almost dark brown because of how wet it was.
Sebastian swallowed and took in the sight of him. God, he was so beautiful; he thought. He quickly averted his gaze and resumed scrubbing down the table with the wipe.

Thane came to a stop on the opposite side and looked at Sebastian with his unreadable blue eyes. Sebastian squirmed beneath the look and fought the urge to cower beneath the table or hide his face.
"Evening." Thane said to Sebastian.
Startled but the greeting somewhat, Sebastian cleared his throat and slipped the now overused wet wipe in a plastic bag and stood up.
"Hi." He said lamely.

Great if he doesn't alreay think I'm enough of a freak, he defiantely will now; Sebastian thought. Sebastian pulled out another wipe and cleaned Thane's side of the table quickly.
He stepped back with a bright flush over his face.
"Please, sit." Sebastian said. He peeked at Thane and saw him slowly lowering himself into the chair opposite Sebastian.

Sebastian was about to sit down but he forgot to rder the pint's so quickly scuttled over to the bar and ordered. He half jogged, half walked back to Thane and sunk into his chair.

"Sorry, forgot to order the drinks." He mumbled to Thane.
Thane smiled and took his near sodden jacket off. He turned and hung it on the back of the chair and faced Sebastian again. Thane wore a dark shirt that almost molded to his skin, the shirt was open at the collar revealing a muscular collar bone and the subtle hint of a muscled chest.

Sebastian shivered and looked down at his hands.
"How was your day?" Thane asked him.
Seastian frowned and thought back to his day.
"It was good. I got all my washing done and cleaning..." He trailed off and blushed.
Thane smiled at him, and Sebastian felt a little better instantly.

Straightning his shoulders Sebastian sat up. There was something about Thane that had more confidence forming inside Sebastian, he still felt wary and on the edge, but alot more relaxed then he is with others.
He twisted his clammy hands together. A barmaid storde over to their table and placed their pint's in front of them and walked off.
Thane picked it up and gulped some down. Sebastian watched his adam's apple bob as he swallowed.
"So, uh how was your day?" He asked Thane as he picked up his pint and slowly brought his shaking hands to mouth for a small sip.

The End

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