It's Not a DateMature

Thane had no idea why he was so nervous, why his heart felt as if it was going to jump out of his mouth and why his tongue felt as if was made of jelly. He thought, perhaps, that the sudden spike of nerves came from the fact that Sebastian was the son of Alexander Philippe, but Thane knew that if Sebastian was anything like his father he would have known as soon as he saw him. No, the nerves weren’t from that.

“Uh…Thane?” Sebastian asked awkwardly, ripping Thane from his thoughts and brought him back down to reality.

“Oh yeah, sorry… um I really liked hanging out with you today…” Thane rolled his eyes,hanging out?Thane thought as he shook his head and mentally promised himself to talk to more people his own age.

“I really liked hanging out with you too…” Sebastian laughed, a small smile appeared on Thane’s lips and his heart hammered against his chest even more.

“I… I was wondering if we could meet up tonight… at the Slug and Hare? We can grab a few pints and talk.” Thane asked, rolling his eyes at his own awkwardness and nerves.

He really had no idea why he was acting this way; perhaps, it was the fact that he was actually making an effort to know a human being for the first time in two thousand one hundred and fifty seven years since becoming death.

“Ummm… yeah, sure…” Sebastian agreed, uncertainty flooded his voice, “actually, I would really like that… how about we meet up at 8 and as I said before, the next round will be on me.” Sebastian said more confidently and Thane agreed almost too quickly.

“See you at 8.” Sebastian said.

“Yeah, see you.” Thane replied softly before he placed the receiver back on the phone and closed his eyes in relief.

Taking a cigarette from his pocket Thane lit it up and took a drag of the sweet vanilla smoke, his nerves slowly calmed down and his once erratic heart was now pacing itself slowly. A flood of guilt crashed into Thane for a moment, he knew that normally he would never have called Sebastian, but after realising that Sebastian was Alexander’s son, well, Thane felt it his obligation to check if he had left any of the necromantic books last time he visited the Philippe household. But the guilt only lasted for a moment, even if his ongoing interest in Sebastian was purely for the job at least Thane liked him enough to actually call instead of just turning up at his house and start rummaging through his things.

“When’s the date?” Shakespeare asked candidly and Thane couldn’t help but scoff at the remark and roll his eyes at the dead playwright.

“It’s not a date; we’re just going to the bar together for a nice drink.” Thane explained proudly, but then blushed when Shakespeare started to laugh far too loudly for a skull without vocal cords.

“I’m sure it’s not, but don’t try denying that you at least like Alexander’s boy.” Thane grimaced at the remark, he didn’t want to be reminded that Sebastian was the son of a necromancer and a serial killer, he didn’t want to be reminded that Sebastian had the exact same arctic blue eyes as Alexander and he didn’t want to be reminded that he himself had killed Sebastian’s father.

It was an awkward situation.

Thane didn’t say a word in reply as he moved to the bathroom, took a shower and went back to his room to look for something to wear. Opening up his wardrobe Thane sighed in disappointment, years of existing had left Thane a little disillusioned with fashion, but yet for some reason he had kept all of the clothes that he wore during every century; his favourite outfits were the clothes he had gotten from renaissance Italy and the indulgent fabric of seventeenth century France. But wearing these in the 21stCentury would either make him look like he was a staff member at a museum or someone who looked way too interested in neo-romanticism.

So, instead Thane pulled out a white dress shirt, a pair of black jeans and a long and black coat that went down to his knees.

“My, don’t you look handsome for something that isn’t a date.” Shakespeare joked and laughed as Thane pulled the finger at him.

“It’s not a date and I haven’t dressed up for it.” Thane told the skull off as he grabbed his vanilla smokes and shoved them into the pockets of his coat, along with his black leather gloves.

“Right, not a date and it’s not called dressing up when you go out of your way to wear something different.” Shakespeare confirmed sarcastically, but this time Thane didn’t reply, he was tired of the skulls jokes and innuendoes.

Instead Thane sat on the couch and turned on the television, he watched the six o’clock news with little interest and in only a brief summary did they even talk about the massacre of a whole family in Jerusalem. It was not until half an hour into the 7 o’clock news that Thane finally turned it off, got up and went out of the apartment without saying goodbye to Shakespeare; the stupid skull didn’t deserve his goodbyes.

Thane shivered as the chill in the night air clawed at his chest, but he quickly got used to it as he walked down the street towards the Slug and Hare. The wind started to pick up as Thane made it halfway to the pub, the cold air slam against his chest and the billowing grey clouds started to deliver rain on London. Buttoning up his coat Thane started to walk faster, but the wind picked up and the rain started to get heavier with each passing second. Thunder growled angrily in the clouds and after a few seconds of silence lightening violently cracked through the darkened sky.

Finally, after three more minutes in the storm, Thane entered the pub. 

Authors Note

Sorry about the lateness of the chapter and for it's lack of writing skill. I've been busy and tired a lot lately... but after the weekend, hopefully, I'll be back on my feet and writing more often. 

The End

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