Memories of an Old EnemyMature

After Sebastian went back to his car Thane walked back into the pub and sat at the table for another two hours, drinking three more pints of lager before he put his leather gloves back on and stumbled out of the Slug and Hare. The air had gotten colder, dark grey clouds billowed in the sky and thunder rumbled from a faraway place.

The name, Alexander Philippe, rang through Thane’s head, old memories of Sebastian’s father replayed in his mind like a bad dream.

It took fifteen minutes until Thane stumbled through his apartment, throwing himself on the couch and closing his eyes as he took out a cigarette, lit it up and took a long deserved drag from it. He sighed loudly as he exhaled and closed his eyes as if he were going to fall asleep right then and there.

“What happened to you, I thought you just went out to get another pack of cigarettes?” Shakespeare asked, thankfully for Thane, the skull didn’t shout the question at him.

“I just had a pint with the son of Alexander Philippe…” Thane almost whispered his reply, his voice hinting at disbelief.

“Alexander had a son?” the skull gasped, almost shouting. It had been a long six years since both Thane and Shakespeare had heard Alexander Philippe’s name and they were hoping that they would never hear his name again.

“Sebastian doesn’t even look like him, not one single bit.” Disbelief was thick in Thane’s voice and confusion knitted his brows.

“Is this, Sebastian, like his father?” Thane knew what Shakespeare was talking about, but he shook his head in reply, no, there could be no way that Sebastian would have known or could ever know what his father could have been and what he was going to do.

“Alexander Philippe had the largest collection of necromantic books that I had ever seen… I guess it’s possible that I missed one or two books. But they wouldn’t be enough for Sebastian to even reach the level that his father was.”  Thane explained, but even as he said it he felt a sudden of panic and dread.

Alexander Philippe, from his line of work as an antique collector, was one of the only men in the world who made it his life’s passion to obtain old Latin books. However, when the man had found an old book containing information about the art of necromancy his love of antiques became a sudden obsession to gather more books containing anything to do with the ancient magic. It was the magic of death, to gain the power of killing the living and raising the dead with a simple incantation, and Alexander Philippe wanted to know how to do it.

Sebastian’s father had a secret life, behind the veil of being a respected collector Alexander Philippe was also known as the 21stCentury Jack the Ripper. Although, like the original serial killer, no one knew who had kidnapped and killed more than four women and three men. The only thing that anyone knew was that all of them were missing their hearts, brains, lungs, eyes and tongues.

During that time Thane had read and heard it all from the news, to him what Alexander was doing was as clear as day and he knew instantly what Alexander was trying to do with those particular body parts, with those humans that he killed and what he was planning to do with sixteen year old Sebastian.

But for all of Alexander’s evil doings they were not the reason why Thane visited him. Only Thane, the God of Death, could have the power to raise the dead and to kill the living, humans weren’t capable or wise enough to even know that the magic of necromancy was even possible and so Thane visited Alexander, to show the man the true power of Death.

Six Years Ago

The air was thick with smells of salt, sweat, blood and lavender, the room was dimly lit by six candles – five at the points and the sixth at the middle – and there was a low murmur that had a sort of rhythm to it. Alexander Philippe chanted the incantation, his eyes only focused on the body that was lying inside the six pointed star.

Thane watched it all from the folds of darkness that enveloped the attic, the rage and hate that was coursing through his body felt as if it were the only things Thane knew and believed.

This man, this Alexander Philippe, was trying to usurp his position as God of Death and Thane was going to show him the full extent of his incredible power.

Thane stepped into the candlelight, breaking the man’s steely concentration, but the man just gaped at him, Alexander already knew that Thane was the God of Death and Thane watched as the man instantly bowed his head.

Alexander Philippe had long, coal black hair, arctic blue eyes and had the gaunt face of someone who hadn’t eaten enough for a very long time.

“My Lord Death…” Alexander murmured, his voice was shaking, whether from fear or fever Thane didn’t know. 

“You’ve been a busy boy, Alexander.” Thane tried to hide the rage and hate that made his fists shake beside him and it took all his willpower for him to not to just kill the man where was.

“I’ve only been doing my Lord’s work.” Alexander was still bowing and Thane couldn’t help but let a smile of satisfaction appear on his face. Fear, Thane loved to see that in humans, especially this one.

“But you’ve been trying to usurp my throne, haven’t you Alexander?” Thane asked as he walked around the room to look at the face of the body lying in the six pointed star, which was totally unnecessary, the mere fact that it alluded to the devil made Thane hate the man even more.

Alexander looked up at Thane in absolute fear, his already pale face turned bone white in a matter of seconds and he dropped the book that he had been holding tightly in his hands.

“N-No my Lord… I’m not… I only want to have her back… to have my wife back in my arms.” Alexander explained, he shook his head vigorously and his voice shook with fear.

“You are trespassing on powers that you shouldn’t be meddling with.” Thane stated firmly and slowly the room became darker, cold seemed to enclose around them and shadows loomed menacingly over them.

The man seemed to pale even more, tears brimmed around his eyes, and his hands shook and his lips turned blue from the cold.

“For your arrogance and for the attempt to usurp my throne, I send you, Alexander Philippe’s to the Nether World, a place where your wife will haunt you for eternity for disrupting her right to remain dead peacefully.” Thane declared proudly as he pulled out a long, ice blue blade from thin air and pointed it at Alexander, as soon as he did so the blade slowly filled with blood red liquid.

“My Lord please, I did not mean any disrespect and I had no intention of becoming a God.” Alexander defended himself, but his voice became desperate and Thane cocked an eyebrow up, the man was daring to lie right to Thane’s face.

He couldn’t deny that the man had gusts.

“Alexander Ezra Philippe, I declare you… dead.” And as quick as lightening Thane plunged the blade into the man’s chest, directly at the place where the heart was and as soon as Thane pulled it out Alexander slumped to the ground.

The End

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