Slug And HareMature

Sebastian was focusing on Thane so intently that he almost missed his answer to the question Sebastian had asked him.
"A painter? That's impressive." Sebastian comented. He found his gaze moving to his hands. He noticed how pale they are but they looked strong; capable. His fingers were long yet somehow elegant, a painters hands; he thought in wonder.
Thane cleared his throat causing Sebastian to look back up and meet his icy blue eyes.

He shuddered and quickly took a swig of his beer.
"What do you do?" Thane asked him. Sebastian frowned down at his mug.
"I don't work. I live off of my inheritance." He confessed to Thane.
Thane's head cocked to the side. Sebastian couldn't help but notice how beautiful he was, not only was his face a mask of angelic beauty his frame showed that he was both fit and lithe.

"Inheritance?" He aksed. sebastian nodded and took a small sip.
"Yes from my father; he was a very wealthy man. He passed away a few years ago and left me every cent of his." Sebastian said thickly, remembering the tough times of grief for his beloved father.
"What is it that your father did?" Thane asked.
Sebastian frowned. "He was antique collecter, had many things that ranged from ancient B.C right through to the early 18th centuary." He said.
Thane frowned and leant forward.
"What was your fathers name?" He asked.
Sebastian frowned at the question but answered anyway.
"Alexander Phillipe." Sebastian said. Thane's face seemed to pale as he froze and just looked at Sebastian.
"What?" Sebastian asked him in alram.
Thane just shook his head and looked down at his beer mug.
Picking up his mug, Sebastian gulped down the rest and stood.

"I should go, I have alot to do today." He murmured awkwardly. Thane finished off his pint and stood aswell.
"Thank you for the pint." Sebastian said as they strode to the door.
"The least I could do." Thane said as the stopped outside the pub and reagarded eachother.
Sebastian dug into his pocket and produced a neat card with his number printed on it.
"Next one on me?" He asked as he held the card out to Thane. He accepted it, being carefull not touch Sebastian's hand and nodded.
Sebastian smiled at him and strode away. When he reached his car he sat in the drivers seat and smiled to himself.
He just hoped that Cole would be okay with him having a pint with another man.

The End

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