Sebastian blinked at the male. And boy was he handsome; he thought.
With dark blonde hair, a chin covered in stubble, piercing blue eyes and strong jaw and dressed all in black. He looked to be around six foot five and had the subtle hint of well made muscles.
The male cleared his throught and looked at Sebastian. Then he remembered that he had asked him a question.
Sebastian smiled.
"Sure, that'd be nice." He said. What am I doing? He thought to himself. I have no idea who this gogeous male is... He pushed away the nagging thoughts and closed the window and climbed out of his car.

He glanced at his washing and shuddered. He rounded the car and held his hand out to the male.
"My name is Sebastian, I'm sorry about before." The male looked at his hand and seemed to hesitate. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out leather gloves and put them on then grasped his hand.
Sebastian's heart skipped a beat. Is he like me? He asked himself in wonder. He looked down at his hand and held back another shudder.

"Thane, and don't worry about it." He said.
Thane... unique, just like him; he thought. Sebastian smiled and continued to hold on to his hand.
"I'm not usually like that." He lied. Thane smiled and started to let go.
Panicing Sebastian let go of his hand and took a step back.

"So pint?" He asked. Thane nodded and gestured down the street.
"We can walk there, it's not far." He said.
Sebastian took a deep breath and nodded. He walked on the inside of the pavement and made sure not to touch any of the passerbys as they walked, he hoped that Thane didn't notice the way he dogded them.

                                                                                *   *    *
She watched from her car as he strode with that strange man with the washing basket. She raised her camera and clicked off another two shots of them and scrambled out of her car and followed after them.

The End

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