The Handsome FreakMature

What a freak, Thane thought as he watched the man run back to his car with a basket of laundry in his arms, he looked as though he was crying and Thane felt a little pang of guilt. He didn’t mean to make him cry, he was just trying to help him pick up his clothes, which were strangely wrapped in plastic bags and sorted by colour.

Thane stood there, watching the man for a few minutes, he looked familiar, but then again Thane had seen thousands of faces in his life, there were bound to be people who looked like one of the dead. Even so, Thane stared at him trying to work what to say to him or if he should even talk to him at all. He took another drag from his cigarette, letting the warmth ease his nerves that seemed to just course through his body as he finally made up his mind.

Grinding the cigarette between the stone and the heel of his leather shoe Thane took a deep breath and gathered enough courage to walk up to the man’s car and tap on the window.

The man jumped in his seat, looked at Thane for an instant, before turning away from him to wipe away the tears.

This guy is seriously wound up, Thane thought, but he couldn’t keep the smile from his face as he watched the man turn to him and pushed a button down that slowly opened the window.

Thane stepped back in surprise as the man’s face came to full view, he remembered where he had seen the man before, and he remembered the windswept brown hair and the arctic blue eyes. He was one of the men in the car that he saw just two days ago.  

All thoughts of words escaped Thane as he looked at the man; he was handsome, even more so than the young Clint Eastwood guy that he was with two days ago. This man had a softer face, a school-boy charm some called it, but then again the man could look rather rugged if he grew a stubble and let his hair fall to his face.

He looked like the kind of guy girls would fall over their feet for.

It was then, in amongst the white noise that was his brain, that Thane suddenly realised that he hadn’t said anything to the man in the car, who was just staring at him waiting if Thane was actually going to say anything.

“Uhh…” Thane could only make a sound but as soon as he did he chastised himself mentally for being such a complete loser, before picking up the courage to at least look at the guy in the car.

“I’m not a freak, ok?” the man practically shouted -he had a slight Irish accent to words - before shoving the keys in his car and trying to turn on the ignition.

The car merely sputtered as if it were just coughing, “fuck this fucking car!” the man snapped as he threw the keys at the dashboard and slammed his hands against the wheel of the car.

Thane tried to hide the smile as the man slowly realised that he was still there at the window and the man turned to him, a bright flush of pink appearing on his cheeks. After watching the man practically snap in front of him Thane, strangely enough, no longer felt the nerves as much as he did before.

“Are you ok?” Thane asked, but the man said nothing and just stared at him, his blue eyes filled with panic.

“Do you want to grab a pint with me?” Thane asked, his heart seemed to race as he waited for the man’s reply. 

The End

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